(upbeat music) Hi, everybody. Today’s recipe is soup. Soup, soup, soup! Delicious soup. This is everyday Korean soup made with soybean sprouts. In Korean, kongnamul-guk. “Guk” is soup in Korean. Kongnamul is soybean sprouts.

This soup is very, very popular and typical, common, everyday soup among Koreans. I gotta eat this soup at least once a week, you know, that kind of soup. This soup is very savory, and I also add some Korean gochugaru, hot pepper flakes, so it’s a little spicy.

I learned this recipe from my late aunt when I visited her house, when I was young, it was really, really delicious, because she used dried anchovies. Dried anchovies made this soup so, so tasty. Ever since then, I always make this soup, just like my aunt’s style.

This is from a Korean grocery store, and this is from a store near my house, just a regular grocery store. This is 12 ounces, a 12 ounce package. You guys are coming from all around the world. So I’m giving you a one-pound recipe.

I pre-measured these. And first, I’d like to show you how to wash and clean them. Some of you guys don’t know how to wash them, right? So let’s go. (water running) Pick up some and shake them in the water.

And… (water running) (basket tapping) (water running) So like this. A couple of times, change the water and wash. Take out any dead beans. You see? Any black kind of beans. I will put this back in my pot.

And then, I’m going to add some water here. 8 cups of water. So for 1 pound of soybean sprouts 8 cups of water. And I’m going to add just 8 large dried anchovies. If you are a vegetarian, use vegetable stock instead of water.

8 cups of vegetable stock. Then you don’t need to add these anchovies. Or if you are not a big fan of anchovies, just use chicken broth. But my favorite version uses dried anchovies. This is my soup pouch.

I will just add this and remove this. Press down, and remove the guts. These are 8 large dried anchovies. And add this here. I always add soy sauce, 1 tablespoon soy sauce. And 1 tablespoon fish sauce.

If you are vegetarian, just use salt, later. Hot pepper flakes, gochugaru, 1 tablespoon. So this is half an onion, a medium-sized onion. (knife tapping) Slice this. (knife tapping) 4 garlic cloves. (knife tapping) (knife tapping) (water running) Turn on the heat.

So I’m going to cook this for 30 minutes over medium-high heat. When I was in Korea, my friends and I, we used to get together sometimes, having fun, talking “Oh, dinnertime is coming,” so we’ve gotta say goodbye.

“And what are you going to make for dinner today?” We always say “Yeah, I need to make a soup.” We always make kongnamul-guk, and also another soup is doenjang-guk, Korean fermented soybean paste. We use seasonal vegetables, Like spinach and all kinds of green vegetables or Napa cabbage, and then we make soup.

If you can make a delicious kongnamul-guk, you are a good cook. So later, I’m going to take out the anchovies, and then I will add this green onion. 2 large green onions. I’ll just cut it right now. Here.

And also, just before serving, I will add toasted sesame seed powder. I will just add this, 2 tablespoons. Grind this. I ground this really finely. And set aside. (alarm ringing) I cooked for 30 minutes, and now it’s bubbling and boiling.

Actually, it was boiling over around 20 minutes after. I had to crack the lid like this. Let’s take out the anchovies. This is anchovies. And add green onion. And stir this. Nice. It’s all cooked. I’m going to turn it off.

And sesame oil. 2 teaspoons. Add salt to your taste. I will add 2 teaspoons. And stir this. Nice. How can I eat? Korean soup is always served with rice. So you need to make rice because this is going to be a meal for us, rice and soup.

I’ll bring my rice. And also, one thing. You guys remember? What kind of side dish we need? We don’t need anything else, except for one thing, if we want to make one side dish. Kkak-du-gi. Kkakdugi is radish, cubed radish kimchi, and it should be fermented and taste sour.

I made this a couple of days ago for my video. Okay? I will bring it. This is my kkakdugi. kimchi, kkakdugi brine it should be all soaked nicely. Look at that. Nice, isn’t it? And then, I’ll get some kimchi.

So, this is my rice. Sesame seed powder. Usually, when I eat this, I eat it this way. Some rice… I put some rice here. And kkakdugi. Put some kkakdugi here. Mmm. (upbeat music) Oh my gosh, so good.

So good. So good. So savory with the nutty sesame seed powder, and also crispy kkakdugi and crispy soybean sprouts with rice, and you will finish this meal so quickly. I want to keep, keep eating. Kongnamul-guk is Korean soul food, everyday soup.

Make kongnamul-guk and also kkakdugi. The kkakdugi recipe is also on my website. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time. Bye. (upbeat music)