I'm back yeah hi lovely people I'm so excited I'm inside my very rusty kitchen and I'm gonna make a fantastic recipe what it is gnocchi that is not potato gnocchi it's a flower gnocchi it's incredible so is everyone can make it and I'm gonna serve with a lovely sauce first of all you need a pan.

Then here I have two glasses of water two glass of water goes in and I'm gonna get this water to boil it it's particularly gnocchi only could be made if I boil the flour so I have here the flower sperm inside straight away.

Start to mix it look at the way bubbly look it starts to Growing straight to my home my goodness me it's done just remove off the gas keep the stairish keep moving look stand now you let it rest for about a couple of minutes only draw longer because they're quite hot and you empty on a boat.

They stole this mix would be enough for least six seven people make ten people easy clean table yeah the mix this stage ready right it's all done beautiful oh my goodness me look that this is what I'm talking about now again knife just cut a little slice.

Put this one on the side this one on the site this one on the side this one now can you roll it let the children do that then we love it say Mommy I want to do no Mommy I want to do Mommy I want to do and you letting them do it and then when you cook him they're gonna tasted these fantastic sauce you will love it I don't know why.

I could say you will love it probably because I love it and I want you to enjoy it as well everything right we've done some sausages with a knife one two you can do how big you want it all right let me just there Trey put them on top of the hob that is off try to get something like that it's.

Fantastic if you can then you roll it you put your finger inside look at that this is Magic Magic how rough just keep no I'm sorry you know what I'll let you escape now I'll put them inside look at that beauty then again she got some more just one.

Ends some big some small some dollars some the shirt so what oh yes fantastical so please I see hardly any work at all let's move this one for a minute I'm gonna put you on the side right it's time to make this simple sauce so simple it's incredible right to let.

Me get nice and pen oh I love my friend God knows how many years this pan here I need my chopping board there was a little accident we went back again get my chopping board yes it's good and you got one clove of garlic I use two clove of a garlic my.

Chili do you know what you can put inside or you cannot put inside I like it go straight in so while you put my like that because that is for flavor it's I don't want to be too hot and when you actually put them inside all in once you just give it a little bit of a flavor.

Garlic slice quite Big Slice the reason why I just slice it like this because while the oil inside the pan started to get warmer they marinate the garlic as well don't worry about it if the gas is not done don't have to worry you know it's just been a drizzle of olive oil inside and now you can put them on.

Then instead for the muscles personally then you get one pinch of tomato oh my goodness me be very careful when you put them on very hot pan you know they all go upset is moving little touch of salt a little bit of water half a glass quarter grass and you let it cook for a.

Little bit and then you combine lovely jars or tints of beans this is kind of leaning beans it can be any other beans you only use a half the spoon keeps stirring it oh yes and you have to let it cook for a list about fourth of an hour.

20 minutes nice cooking slowly I turn the gas and they're gonna have a glass of water right the soles is ready I just add a little bit of clear up but my goodness me look at that thick you got this salt this smell is incredible now the water is pouring nice as soon as the water is.

Boiling this is the best time to use salt let's put the milk inside my little baby look is still here I didn't go anywhere they're jumping look at the way they're jumping he's jumping my belly jumping then it goes all inside let it all go in yes it's only takes some minutes look at this little baby I wonder why.

They come up now I'm gonna take him out and they're holding one pieces and they're going to put in the sauce put it back oh my mind that chill is still in one pieces you can see by getting such a flavor there.

What is this my good friend this is Paradise turning off the plate is there I didn't even use a half little grated of a Parmesan lifting up to my face get a fork inside.

Yeah shall I foreign I'm back yeah you can taste as well George testing try to make it so simple so easy and so good why I'm cooking so good you can see why


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