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– It's the first take, okay. – Yeah, yeah. – Let's try that again. – Okay, one more time. – Hey there, folks, and welcome to… Zoom in before I do… – Oh! Oh, yeah, okay. – I do “What the fri…”. – Oh, oh yeah.

Okay, gotcha. Yeah. – Hey there folks and welcome back to… All right. You're doing a bit now. You're trying to, you'retrying to make me angry. That's funny. It's a funny way to get good content is to make me (beep)…

(music) – All right. So I haven't been herein a week and a half. and since then, Kendall andAlvin have been chopping it up making all kinds of fanciful meals from different things and I don't know what'sin here, genuinely, and that's the whole premise of the show. So, so let's see what's in the fridge.

We got some fresh berries here. That's, that's, that could be we could make like a berry pasta. We got meatballs. Somebody made meatballs on 9/20. That's not so long ago. – No, Two days. – Two days. 22nd.

Lots of eggs. So we definitely coulddo something related to eggs and berries. I guess a tart. Tart can make, or a lemon bar. Lemon bar. We don't have any lemons. If we had lemons, I'd make lemon bars. Oh, there's a lemon.

(yells) As usual, I found a science project. Oh yeah. Look at that. That has more mold than lemon. That's probably not somethingI wanna breathe near. Honestly, that's probably dangerous. We do have, indeed, one passable lemon. It's got some spot welding onit that I'm not crazy about.

But like, definitely notenough to make lemon bars. We got a bunch of leftover, I'm guessing white rice because they were doing a stirfry episode the other day. So we could most certainly do a stir… Look at that. This is like born for stir fry. All that fruit, couldmake a fruit stir fry. Trying to do…

I don't know know why I'm trying to make those berries happen so, so bad. They're just fresh. I got some maple syrup pickles. Man, I am really notbeing given much here. What is this, huh? It's an unlabeled brown goo. – -Curry, I think. It's curry, probably curry.

– Who are you? – Where it belongs. Yeah. – Who's that? – My name's Nico. I'm Andrew's assistant and a new producer here at the BCU. I'm happy to be here. – At least somebody is – Whoa.

We could do a berry… (scratching sound) …something. Berry style. A blank with berries. A berries with Babish Babish-style berries, A Babishian preparation of berries. Barely, barely.

Berries, bears berries. Barely. Barely berries. – Andrew. – Berries. What? Hey, oh, sorry. – Yeah. Welcome back to “What the Fridge”. Meatball fried rice.

Sounds like an Italian… What about an Italian fried rice? Is that appropriation? Is that appropriative? Is that appropriate? – Yes. – Okay. So we got some leftoversteamed white rice, which after night in the fridge,.

As you can see is very dry and desiccated, making it perfect for stir fry. See? It's perfect. Let me get some carrots and celery. So I'm gonna prep these vegetables. I'm gonna get 'em downinto mirepoix status. So, small pieces. That celery smells old, but it is old.

I will, I will grant you that. That's what leftovers are. They're older food than normal food. It's very definitionof what a leftover is, that it is older than itwas at a previous point in its lifetime as thedish that it currently is. So here's the… Let me pause. I think I'm gonna quarter these.

And I need more sauce. That's not nearly enough. So what have we got in the fridge? Do we have any in the fridge? Can I hit the pantryor is this fridge only? What's the rules? What are the rules? Well, let me see if I justhave some jarred tomato sauce. Okay.

I don't feel like making(beep) sauce right now. Do we even have (censored) tomatoes? Brad, you eat all the tomatoes? – No, justmost of the goldfish. – Oh, that's some anchovies that. (beep) that. – No, no. I ate the goldfish. – Let's chop these up.

Yeah, there's some funkygoing, some something's weird. What is that? That's not meat. Are these rice? Is that rice? That's rice. Really? Did they turn rice into meatball somehow and now we're turning them back into rice?.

So, wow. Half the fusion was already done for us. So for us to now capitalize on that, I think, is franklynothing short of artistry. (whispered) What the fridge? So garlic, Lots of it. We need a big old onion like this'un. I'm gonna do kind of amedium dice on these guys. I wouldn't mind havinglittle onion hit my mouth.

We must go and inspect the herbs garden. What the fridge. All right. We still got some fresh basil. Last of the summer's basil but I need a lot of basil. Oh, we could do pine nuts. Pine nuts. – Wait, soyou're thinking pesto now?.

– No, no. Just lots of basil and, and pine nuts. Like… Actually wait a minute, Brad. You might be (beep) right. For once. So a quick visit to the localherbs garden gave me some “of the moment”inspiration solely from me. My idea, my thought, my action.

My show. Mine. Brad had the idea to make pesto because that's more oil based. It won't make the rice stick together. It's a genuinely betteridea in every imaginable way and he deserves all the credit and I deserve none of it. Maybe you should start coming.

To do to What the Fridge. So they, they determinethat un-toasted pine nuts taste the same in America's Test Kitchen. Thank you for saving mefrom having to do that. Salt and maybe half of this garlic. Maybe just like a cloves worth. So, okay, so I'm mashing this guy up. You start with the pinenuts and the garlic. You wanna make a paste.

And then you add the basil leaves and then you slowly stream in oil until the whole thing comes together. All right So I'm gonna squirt insome cooking olive oil. Man, those nuts are gonna burn. Those nuts are gonna burn. So I can't do that high heat. I have to be a littlelevelheaded about it.

I'm just gonna improvise. That's what What the Fridge is all about. Can you use any of this audio or is this all ruined? – What? – Oh, don't worry about it. Okay. Got my pesto ready. That's gonna give more flavor and there's the vegetables.

And there's the meatballs and now we're gonna make, apparently, stir fry out of them. So. (pop) Here we go folks. Just do it, Andy. Just get started. Just get going.

You're not moving. – All right. – Still not moving. You have to go over there to start. You clearly don't want to. It's scary. I know. – Here. I'll move first.

– Okay. I think what I'm gonna dois get it nice and hot. I'm gonna fry the meatballs. I'm gonna fish 'em out and then add the vegetables and go sort of normal stirfry routine from there and then add the crispymeatballs right at the end. Crispy meatballs. That felt good to say.

What the Fridge. Okay, they're going in. Let's do it. Spread 'em out and see if we can geta little crisp on them. Also, probably, like, imbuing our oil with a little bit of tomatoflavor some meat flavors That's never been done before. Meatballs getting tossed in a wok.

Very rare. and now I'm gonna, I'mgonna fish these out and it's ready to receivethe rest of the story. Okay. Onions go in, into thistomatoey kind of meaty oil. Then we gotta blast these (censored) and add a little more oilaround the outside just to make sure these guys reallyget crisp on the bottom. So also, I grabbed these anchovies.

Are these in oil? They're in olive oil. I could add anchovy oil. I have a little hole in the center. I'm gonna add some anchovy oil. Let that heat up and then I think we'readding our rice next. Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack. That's hot.

Okay, the rice is lookingpretty nice and fluffy. Normally we'd add an egg, but I'm gonna I'm gonna eschew the egg all together and I'm going to do an egg yolk over top at the end because I think that would just be nice. There's gonna be some herby flavors below. It'd be nice to have thisbig hit of richness on top. I'm gonna add the tomatoes here.

That's not looking bad. Like, that's not looking bad at all. I kind of love it. This looks pretty done. I'm gonna kill the heat cause I don't want to hitthe pesto with too much heat. So I'm adding the pesto. I'm adding it on top. You'll see it's not making direct contact.

With the bottom of the pan and I need some reallygood balsamic vinegar. Little hint of it. Little hints. Just a, just a suggestion that it's there. Toss around fast before it settles. and get the pesto going in there. God, this smells good. Oh my God.

Does this work? I'm gonna finish with some chopped parsley that we're gonna say is parsley and basil cause I don't feel likegoing back outside right now. So this is chopped parsley and basil. What the fridge. I adding it right at the end. So, you know, we get some nice bright bracingherbs that don't get hit.

By the heat too hard. Save some for garnish. Voila, voila, voila, voila, and voila So I'm gonna try it. I'm gonna do something crazy and try it. It's really good. It's really good.

I really like that. It needs acid. What, uh what? What acid can I put in there? Our one lemon is gonna really pull our nuts out of the nut fryer right now. – What? – Nothing.

Chill. So we got the juice of probablya whole lemon, I think. There she is. Let's do this. Italian stir fry. That doesn't look bad. I can tell you from firsthand experienceit doesn't taste bad. I don't believe this.

I refuse to believe that this worked. Look at that. That looks great. It looks like normal stir fry, save for these kind ofmeatballs sticking out of it and then to garnish few more fresh herbs and acid, of course. Little drizzle of balsamic over top. That's pretty.

And then an egg yolk over top. Make a nice little home forit so it doesn't go nowheres. Doesn't move off tocollege in a strange city. Weird haircut. – Makefriends with a rock band – Falling from gracefrom our Lord and Savior. – Maybe experiment with drugs and differentrelationship values – And homeopathy.

Meatball stir fry folks. Let's see what we're working with here. Hmm. It's delicious. It's really good. It all works and it looks correct and it feels correct in the mouth. Feels weird eating itwith a fork I'll tell ya. Hmm.

Well folks, in spite of mybest efforts, this worked and you see, what is by any account, a stir fry or fried rice. Did I say stir fry the whole time? I meant fried rice. Anytime I said stirfry, I meant fried rice. This is good. Let's see. Let's, let's get Nico's unbiased opinion.

– I totally missed everything. – It's his first month here and he's definitelygonna be honest with me. – Mmm. It's so good. Holy (beep). Oh my God. – It's pretty good, right? And it's like a fake,it's like a fake out food because you're expecting flavors.

I was just saying it'slike eating a blue candy but it's cherry flavored. Like it messes with you a little bit, because you're expecting soy sauce and all these these flavors that you normally associate with stir fry but instead you get Italian. – It's, this is definitely, this might be the best thing I've ever had.

In my entire life. – You heard it here folks. It's true. – So he's here one month. One month and he gets to try it before me. – You're operating aphysical camera right now. (crosstalk) Go. Yeah, but go take, gotake the camera from a minute. All yeah.

No, do your walk away a bit. Yeah. Oh, he's going out the door folks. – All right, okay Nico. – God, that's funny. He's taking the camera with him. Oh, where's. – Thanks again to Cash App. That's money.

That's Cash App. Download Cash app from the app store or Google Play Storetoday to add your CashTag to the 80 million end counting. – It's just legitimately one of the best fried rices I've ever had. Which sounds insane to say. So. – Something's wrong about that.

Somethings. – Something's, yeah. – Somethingfeels icky about that.. – Or, it's the message of togetherness, when we need it most. – I agree.