– Are you kidding me? That looks great. Sorry, I'll clean you up, but like… (record scratch sound) Oh my god. (upbeat music) Hello, everyone. My name is Tucker, and welcome to my tiny messy kitchen.

Look at this thing. I'm also, I'm a big guy, so I mean, maybe it wouldbe less tiny for you, but come on now, look. Ready? I'm opening. It's so tiny. So a little backstory aboutme and this household. I am the messy roommate, and my roommate is very, very clean.

So he has challenged me to utilize the space in a way that makes us both happy. So he has challenged me to transform the kitchen by using techniques, hacks, items I found online, to make the kitchen more usable and clean. And you know what?.

Make this tiny kitchen work for us. Ugh. You can't see the sink, right? Hey, camera op! No. That is off limits. It is time we transform this kitchen into something that isbeautiful and utile. Is that the word? Okay, let's get started.

So when poking around online, something I consistently saw was to use shelves. Okay, we're not workingwith much space here, but we got a lot of vertical space here. Look at this, right? Okay. So as much as this affirmation wall, to-do list, photo wall.

Has been nice to look at, it's time to get rid of it, throw up some shelves. Let's get rid of this affirmation wall. Sorry, mom, you're out. (upbeat music) Okay. The shelves are up. I mean, they're looking sturdy as ever.

That'll hold a small child. I did need a little help from producer Mike. Thank you. It was a little more laborintensive than expected. Hopefully, that's the hardestthing we'll be doing today. Let's make sure that these actually, this does work. I don't know. I don't trust myself, but…

Come on, now. This is heavy, too. Could only do so many reps of these. So that works. That looks great. Okay, let's try some other things. So I found online these magnetic spice holders. Look at this.

Are you kidding me? I can't get enough. It also came with these little labels. You got everything here. You got all-purpose, allspice, caraway. Not quite sure what that one is. I don't have all of those, but I do have my spices here from this messy cabinet.

So this is gonna clear up a lot of space. I'm thinking line them here, because then this thing opens with ease. Let's add some more. What should we do? Okay, ground cinnamon for sure, next, 'cause I'm starting withthe ones that I use often. And by often, I mean once a year, 'cause I never cook.

I'm obsessed with this. Okay, let's talk knives. This is the current knife sitch. It's a free-for-all. We just throw the cuttingknives and stuff in here. We got a whisk in here. We got a knife in here. So that needs to change. The steps to fix thatwould be a knife block,.

But no. We can't have that now, can we? Because where's the counter space? So, a fun solution, going back to our magnetic theme, is a little magnetic knife bar. Slap this bad boy on the fridge and now we can start hanging up some of our loose knives,.

Because we're adults and that's what an adult would do. That's not… Hold on. Okay, that part sticks. There you go. Look at that. If I have eyes on the knives, I can be careful, but when they're in here,.

I don't have eyes on them. Who knows what they're gonna do? That's fantastic. I'm loving this. Okay, it's time to go under the sink. Our current situation under the sink is kind of just throw it under there, close it, and forget about it. So that probably has to change.

We have a couple things that we can do that we're working with. We have a little overhang basket. We have a little Command. Oh my god. If I didn't break it, we havea little Command strip basket that also can be placed. Then we also have alittle extra storage area, and get this.

Ready for this? Ready to be blown away? Oh, wait. Oh, I'mholding it the wrong way. A little slide-out storage. I think that my method here is gonna be, “What do we usethe most under this sink? What do we not use a lot?” Because the dishwasher is right here, I slap this over here. What if?.

Like what if? Okay, so now, in here… Look. Again, we're workingwith that vertical space now. Come on! Literally stop. Everyone stop. Stop rolling. Are you kidding me? I have an idea. I have an idea. Stick with me.

Here we go. Um. The two things I use most. Dishwasher. Getting the trash bag. 1,000% not what that's for, but it works for meand my household, okay? So that's what we're gonna do. Okay, I'm gonna put the little caddy up. Give me like four hours.

(mellow music) This is incredible. Look at the amount ofspace I have in there now. So much space, I couldthrow a party for 10. So, in an effort to cleanup our silverware drawer that had a bunch of measuring cups kind of laying about, we thought, “Hey, why not work with a hooker too?”.

(record scratch sound)Okay? A hook or two. That… Sorry about that. So here we have a wonderful six-hooked thing. My vision is to slap this up here, stick it down, and just kind of have these things dangle.

And then look at this. Ready? Ready? (objects clattering) It'll… It'll be stuck in there. So obviously, that won't happen. But, I mean, that justclears up some space. And it's cute. If you're wearing socks, you might want topreemptively take them off,.

'cause they're about to be blown off. We got it at IKEA. Ready for this? Ready for this? It's like an accordion. (mimics accordion sounds) You may be thinking, “Whatin the world could that be?” It's to hold your pot lids. So our current method is kind of.

What some would call a scavenger hunt. It's a free-for-all. It's a graveyard, even. I'm thinking we lineup in ascending order, just because that is so slay to do. It would probably look better with your matching pot set. But you know what? That's okay.

Play with how big or small you want it. I'm gonna drop all of theseand they're gonna break. So I'm gonna put this down. Night and day. Oh, that looks fantastic. So it has come to my attention that I have the wrongstorage things in here. I'm pretty sure that I've been using your classic fork, spoon,knife holder thing in here.

No wonder nothing fits. That's not the right storage thing. We got a new storage container, and I'm thinking thatthis one will work better, because it actually hasroom to put stuff in it as opposed to this. Like what? Sorry. Sorry. I'll clean you up.

But like… Oh my god. We're good. We're gonna put this thing in here. Then that way, now we have some space to put our oven mitts and then we also have space to put our actual utensils. I can't wait to show my roommate.

This poor poor space, cupboard, needs a little love, too, people. It is a nightmare in there. Look at this. Ready? Ah! So we're gonna free up that room right now with a shelf. Stuff can go under, stuff can go on top, stuff can go to the side.

Where to start? My goodness. Half of this video, I feel like, is me just realizing I don't need half of the stuff in these cupboards. So I just have to throw it out. Oh my god, that's so much oil. So gross. Look at that!.

Okay, so we're gonna putthis stuff now in here. So organized! So organized. Maybe I'll put stuff that I've literally neverlooked at in my life maybe towards the back. I might get more shelves, because why not? I mean, look at that.

I went from boom, boom, boom to boom, boom, boom, boom. I have a real treat for everyone now. Look at this space. Look at this space. Dead. Empty, even. So why not put a little cart? Maybe it's on wheels, maybe it's not. What we have here is wonderful.

“Why?” you ask. We have some counter space. We have some drawers. I mean, world's your oyster. It doesn't matter how you're opening it. It opens on both sides. Slap this bad boy right over here. Now that we have our little cart here, we're gonna deck it out with some goodies.

(upbeat music) We have a couple cuttingboards in our household, but this, oh, my, I mean, youcould snap this in half. They're not quality.They're kind of small. I invested in a quality cutting board that also maximizes the space. So this thing can hang over the sink. So, you know, you're washingyour strawberries, right?.

And boom, you're doing that over here. Boom, boom, bang. Or maybe you're chopping up some tomatoes. You got so much juice everywhere. You need to slide that baby off. Oh, you don't want this here? Get rid of it. This thing is so cool,'cause look at this. Ready? Ready?.

That is so much. Okay, so I love this. It's basically like alittle Tupperware vibe. Something you could store stuff in. And I love that it's expandable. Oh, wait a minute. Okay, ready? Yep. Okay. So maybe you want alittle big opening here.

And then a little drainage also. Do whatever the gosh darnheck you want, people, because this thing is so versatile. So I was just asked wheremy baking sheets are, and I was like, “Whereare they? Where are they?” And I remembered we put them in the oven. And then it came to my attention, I was informed that.

I have this storage under here. That's what that is for. I was just… I don't… I can't even tell you what I was thinking, because I don't know what I was thinking. I wasn't thinking. An easy cool trick to really maximize your space. Now, I don't have to worryabout burning my hands off.

Every time I go to get a baking sheet. Easy peasy. Well, there you have it. This has been a long day, I will admit. This place was a mess before. I think that we used a lot of fun methods and just general cleaning up the space, as well as adding a few fun flairs.

I mean, come on! I think we did a great job. I do think that my roommate is going to be very pleased with me. So let me know whatyour favorite part was, which of these methods you want to use, which of these methodsyou already use currently. And hey, any methods I missed, because Lord knows Imissed a lot, I'm sure.

There's so many things out there. So let me know. Have a good one, everyone. (blowing kisses) (upbeat music)