thank you greetings my beautiful lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back today I'm going to be making a giant bolo Bao if you've never had a bowl about before heard of a bowl about before it's one of my favorite bows bows are little sweet buns that you.

Can buy sometimes they're Savory they're not always sweet they're little buns that you can buy at Chinese bakeries all different kinds and the bolo is one of my childhood favorites bolo means pineapple and you may think that there's pineapple inside the sweet bun but there isn't the name bolo or pineapple refers to the cookie crust that's on the top of.

This bun which is my favorite was my favorite as a kid I would just eat the crust part and wouldn't care so much for the bread now I love the whole experience but it's got this beautiful crust on top and it looks similar to Mexican Concha which are also baked breads with this beautiful kind of shell appearance on them or also like melon.

Pan which you can find in Japan they all look similar in the Sun they've got this beautiful kind of crust and today I'm going to be making a version today that was inspired by the smelly lunchbox I'll put a link down below and this is a trick a hack a thing that I needed to try because what we're going to do is use buns or sweet rolls that are already.

Made and then add the bolo crust on top bake it so that we can have full about instantly almost it takes about 15 minutes to bake the crust but since the bread's already made we don't have to knead and roll and all that kind of stuff and I just have to know if this is all as good as it looks and sounds but if you want to actually make bulopa from.

Scratch matte suggests this great book it's moon cakes and milk bread by Christina Cho she has a recipe in here for her milk bread dough and here is an example of what a boloba looks like and this is Christina's recipe for the almighty pineapple bun as she calls it so let's go ahead and get started so I have to admit that I wasn't an adult.

Till I knew the magic of bulopao how they made this crackly top that it's essentially a cookie dough so that's what we're going to be making first we need some softened butter so I have got some butter here softened and I'm going to Mush it up before I add any other ingredients to that we're going to add the sweet.

Stuff sugar mix that well now I'm going to add two egg yolks which I happen to have in my refrigerator left over from another recipe love that work that in oh my gosh so golden and then some vanilla I'm using vanilla paste because that's what I've got but.

Extract will be fine a teaspoon work that in oh it smells so good okay now I'm going to assist in some flour along with baking powder and baking soda bloop and this is our dough so easy right okay so we've got a dough Here and Now take the stove.

Okay got a little plastic wrap place that on the counter form this into a dough I love how the egg yolks really give this dough a bright yellow color and by the way these glasses come from glasses to and if you would like to get a pair for yourself click the link down below for a special offer big thanks to glasses USA.

For their continued support so I can make better videos for all of you all right now this is a dough it's quite sticky at this point and so what we're going to do now that everything's worked in try to clean the bowl as best we can transfer this to a piece of plastic wrap I'm just keep this as a circle.

In fact I'm going to make it a disc press it into a disc which will make it easier to roll out later so I'm flattening it out because it'll cool faster that way and now we're going to pop this in the refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes to allow the butter to firm up a little bit and make it.

Easier to roll as well alrighty look at my Sunny cookie dough beautiful alrighty my lovelies we are back this is the cookie dough disc that has been chilled and is much stiffer than when we started so this is what I'm going to be using for my giant bow and this is Portuguese sweet bread first we need to make.

the crusts as you just heard my oven is ready it is preheated to 375 degrees I'm going to roll this out and use another piece of plastic wrap and place this on top this and we're going to roll it out to about a quarter of an inch doesn't have.

To be too thin basically enough to cover our bread and I might have a little extra but is it possible to have extra Bula bow topping I don't know if you have it probably is but you won't hear me complaining okay so I am attempting to keep this as round as possible working from the middle out now let's try rolling it.

So if you want to make individual size pull-up hours then you would divide this up into six or eight pieces depending on the size of your buns and roll them out individually into balls and press them flat okay let me take my bun and see this will fit over the top I think a little bit bigger okay now we are rolled out next I have a.

Broiling pan here with a rack and in the directions it said to prevent over Browning on the bottom of the bread to elevate it on a rack this and this comes from the Cornerstone Bakery oh it smells so good look how cute this is took a little mushroom look at it it's so adorable so here's my giant potential Polo Bao that's so cute oh it's so cute.

Okay okay next what we're gonna do is take our cookie dough that we just made and we're going to place it right on top of our bread try to center it if you want it to be covered evenly and then press it down definitely.

Recommend using the plastic wrap because it allows for easier handling of the dough oh my gosh look how cute that looks already too bright and yellow okay now what we're gonna do is score the polo ball pattern on the top of the bread now don't go all the way through we're just.

Scoring and it's just a little pattern of a crisscross pattern go across this way because the size of my bread I am spacing the lines about one inch in width see that score marks not going all the way through just scoring and then we're going to go in the opposite direction same.

Width so we scored into the cookie top I want to make sure that these are nice and deep enough my knife is quite sharp too cute now we're going to put an egg wash on this taking an egg and we're going to beat that up and to make it extra rich.

Add a splash of Queen next we're going to paint this beautiful glaze right on top of our cookie evenly glaze this and then we're going to pop this into a preheated 375 degree oven and cook it for about 13 to 15 minutes or until it's golden and beautiful alrighty see you in a little bit.

all righty my lovelies look my giant beautiful look at it isn't it gorgeous it is absolutely spectacular look at that golden brown topping I should know because my oven is so small I did have to tent this with a little bit of foil for the last few minutes of cooking so.

It would not over Brown isn't it gorgeous okay let's give this a taste while it's still hot I love it the giant oh my gosh look we've got a little extra cookie at the bottom there but no big deal and oh my gosh look at this I'm gonna cutting board oh.

Stunning it cracked as it should all right it's time to cut into this so I'm just gonna take a little wedge of this oh my gosh yes all about giant giant ball about it's so Preposterous and silly and marvelous and wonderful look at that.

There is our topping that we made nice and golden beautiful bread all righty alrighty let's give this a taste itadakimasu so good hmm Portuguese sweet bread is actually a great base for this it's very very similar to Bao the right amount of.

Sweetness enough to make it sweeter than a savory bread it's got a nice fluffy texture although I would have to say Chinese Bakery bread tends to be a little bit chewier having said that very similar level of enrichment in the dough itself I have to say the proportions are a little bit off because this is a giant one there's a.

Lot of bread here to the ratio of cookie crust but it is so good um it's buttery slightly vanilla Sweet It Is crumbly yet still buttery and soft and sweet I'm delicious so I think I'm great so if you were a.

Fan of bullabao I highly recommend making this it's so fast and easy such a quick way to get a little taste of nostalgia at home you do not need to use a giant Portuguese sweet bread if you do not have one or can't find one you can use a Hawaiian bread rolls you can use even a slice of milk bread like big fat slab of milk bread toast that would be.

Fantastic as well just make that cookie dough and add it to oh my gosh it would be so so good but highly recommend eating it warm as well because alrighty my lovelies I hope you enjoyed that one I hope you learned something please share this video with your friends check out my website I will include.

A printable version of this recipe like this video subscribe and I shall see you in the next one toodaloo take care bye excuse me don't know where that came from didn't consume anything uh gaseous at all just eaten eaten Boulevard um