Hi guys, I'm Laura Vitale and on this episodeof Laura in the Kitchen, I'm going to share with you how to make a fabulous cherry pie,I love cherry pie, you've been requesting it for a long time, I didn't even have a cluethat I didn't have this recipe up on Laura in the Kitchen, which I didn't know why, it'sso easy and it's basically like the same thing as my blueberry pie just with the tiniestlittle bit of modification which I'll explain to you in just a minute, but right now, whileyou can get these dark sweet cherries, you've gotta make cherry pie. So, the ingredients for it are super easyand simple, you need lots of fresh cherries, I'll discuss this – hey, I see a pit!.

Found one! And these are pitted, I've got some corn starch,granulated sugar, a very small touch of almond extract, a little bit of lemon, you need thetiniest bit of vanilla, that's going to be the filling, like I said this is just aboutthe same thing as the filling for my blueberry pie which is delicious, I know I did it along time ago but it's worth mentioning because it's just such a good classic. The only difference is I substitute abouta quarter teaspoon of almond extract for the cinnamon that I add in the blueberry pie,and I know that sounds crazy but it makes it really delicious and it almost enhancesthe flavor of the cherries.

Let's talk pie crust, now I just made a doublebatch of my basic pie crust recipe. If you've been following me for years, youknow that I make my standard pie crust for pretty much any pie that I'm making from scratch. If I'm using homemade pie crust, it's delicious,it's easy it's got all purpose flour, a little bit of salt, some vegetable shortening, butterand ice water. I made a double batch because I'm going todo a lattice topping for the top and I just rolled one of the pieces out and I placedit in a 9 inch deep pie plate, so that's ready to go. Alright, let's talk cherries, I've got aboutsix cups of pitted cherries here, I'm going.

To add the corn starch and the sugar. Now, I like to use sweet dark cherries forthis but if you want to use the tart, really ruby red cherries then you'll just need toadd a little bit more sugar, it makes no difference in terms of the outcome, you'll just needto add a little bit more sugar, I prefer the dark ones, but the world is your pickle, boo. You need about 6 cups of pitted cherries andI know you can't measure them at the grocery store, so that's about 2 and a half poundsof cherries and it works perfectly every time. A little bit of vanilla. A little squeeze of lemon.

And all I'm going to do, oh get that littlebaby out. All I'm going to do is just toss all of thistogether to make sure that the cherries are well coated in the mixture. Gorgeous. Now I have a cherry pitter which I highlysuggest you get if you want to make anything with fresh cherries because otherwise it'ssuch a pain. I'm going to see if my awesome camera guy,producer will link it down below for you, it's really inexpensive, but it saves yousanity, and I have two of them that I've had for years and years and they're still kicking.

I've got a little bit of butter, and I'vesort of put it in teeny tiny little pieces, and I'm just sort of scattering that aroundlike so. Ready? I've got my other piece of pie crust thatI've rolled out and I just sort of cut it into about half inch strips, and we're goingto just do a lattice topping. So, here's what I do. I just do all of my stripes going this way,I make this as easy as possible, I don't like anything too complicated, you guys know that. So here's what I think works best if you justdo them all in one direction, just seal one.

Edge, we're going to go over it anyway. And then you take every other, right, youhave to come – the only way to understand this is to watch. You take every other and sort of lift it likeso and then you put one under. I hope that makes sense, right? And then on your next piece, you'll flip theopposite. So you'll flip these two and you put anotherpiece under, and you just continue to do that until you have your desired pattern. That's it!.

Okay, just taking all of the excess doughoff, please don't throw it away. Regroup it, pop it in the freezer, and nexttime you want to make a small pie, or you need a little pie crust for something, you'llhave it ready and this, because it's unsweetened, the pie crust, you can use it with chickenpot pie, or any of that. So just take of any excess. Beautiful, right? Now we take a little bit of egg wash whichis just one egg beaten with either a little bit of milk or a little bit of water, andI don't even crimp it because I don't know if you can see but my pie plate has a reallybeautiful edge and so it kind of automatically.

Creates a form if you just pinch it alongthe side. So hey, that makes it easier for me. I just make sure to really brush this eggwash all over it because it's going to create a really beautiful golden brown crust, andbecause I'm going to just sprinkle a little bit of sugar on top, it will also help thesugar adhere to the pie crust. So all I'm going to do is brush it like soall over, sprinkle the sugar over top of the crust like so, and then I'm going to pop thisinto the freezer for 15 minutes, and in the meantime while this stays in the freezer for15 minutes, I'm going to preheat my oven to 425F.

Alright it's been about 15 minutes, I've gotmy oven preheated to 425F, I've got a baking sheet lined, very disrespectful, but it ismy timer telling me it's ready for this to go into the oven. I've got a baking sheet lined with aluminumfoil, and that's because I've placed my pie on the baking sheet, just in case anythingwill bubble over, it'll catch on the baking sheet and you can throw away the aluminumfoil and your oven ins't a disaster. So, 425F, 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, lower the temperature to350F for about 35 to 40 minutes or until really golden brown and bubbly, if your crust isgetting way too dark, way too fast, then you.

Can tent it with some aluminum foil. It shouldn't but you know what, it happens. I'm going to pop this in 15 minutes, lower,35 to 40 minutes. How beautiful is this pie? I like to just dust the top with a littlebit of sugar. Remember, 425F for 15 minutes, lower the temperatureto 350F, it was in there for about 45 minutes, and it is perfection and it just smells wonderful,you just want to make sure you let it cool completely because when it comes out of theoven you'll notice that the cherry filling is bubbly, which you want that.

But you need to make sure that cools and itsets. You don't need me to tell you that you needto serve this with vanilla ice cream right? But for right now, just a slice of sweet cherrypie will do. And as you let that kind of cool, the firstslice you know is the cook's treat because I mean look at the way this looks, I'm sickof this. I'm sick of not having a medal for when thingscome out so good, I mean look how perfect that is, nothing is oozing out, it's absolutesheer perfection, it holds unbelievably well, and I love, see these whole cherries, theseare really soft, you see that? Soft, and delicious, you know what?.

That's what I'm all about! I'm about that life. You know? Somebody take this away from me! Because I will eat the entire thing. And I'm not kidding. That is perfection. It's like actual yummy cherry flavor, andthe almond extract, all it does is it enhances a cherry like flavor, it's phenomenal, youwill love it.

Go to, get the recipe,knock it out of the park and if you don't serve this with some vanilla ice cream, I'mmacome over and I'mma be mad cause I'm expecting it. It is – you just gotta do it, get the recipe. I'll see you next time.