hi i'm sunny lee i'm a contributor for serious eats and today we're going to make a banchan this is kamja bokum which is a sweetened soy sauce braised potato kamcha bokum is classically potatoes just braised in.

A syrup my interpretation we're gonna fry the potatoes first to get a nice crispy outside and super creamy center and then we're gonna braise it in our dressing that we're about to make we're gonna whisk in together the soy sauce the sugar.

The water which will help um prevent the caramel from burning too quickly the fish sauce and then take this clove of garlic and just grate it and then we're just going to whisk everything together until it's cohesive and all the sugar dissolves this shouldn't.

Take more than 20 or so seconds so the best potatoes to use for this are small waxy yukon gold style potatoes i like to find ones that are about one and a half to two inches and then just cut them in half and they're just like the perfect bite size piece once they're done.

I also love to leave the skins on them and you save yourself some time okay let's cook these potatoes we're going to put the oil in the pan and put the potatoes in cut side down turn the heat up to medium high and cook it until they're golden brown my rule of thumb when i'm cooking potatoes.

Is that you're going to notice that it's going to feel like they're sticking to the pan right when as the oil starts to heat up and the pan starts to get hot and as they turn golden brown they're just going to release i like to use this little metal offset spatula to kind of lift them up and flip them once they.

Turn golden brown the most important thing is to prevent the urge to keep touching the potatoes kind of let them do their own thing this is a three quart saucier pan you'll notice that the sides are sloping up and i love to use this particular style of pan.

Because it's perfect for glazing the sloped sides will kind of push the liquid back in and help emulsify it at the end but if you don't have one you know a small saute pan with a lid or any pot that can comfortably fit the potatoes in a single layer is going to be just fine.

So yeah i'm telling you guys to not not to keep touching the pan but i can't help it it's just like if there's something in a pan i want to move it especially in the wintertime like i really do just get tired of like regular roasted potatoes or mashed potatoes and.

And this thing is basically being preserved in the soy sauce glaze so it'll last for like a week in the fridge oh we're starting to get golden brown now oh yeah all right so now that our potatoes are golden brown i'm just gonna strain out the excess oil and we're gonna move it back into.

The pan and then we're going to add our glaze now to the potatoes i like to use a spatula so we don't lose any flavor now that our glaze is in the over the potatoes i'm going to cover it and we're going to let it simmer until the.

Potatoes are completely tender and i'm going to use my cake tester to pierce it should be no resistance probably about 10 minutes it's been about 10 minutes we're going to take a look at our potatoes now you'll notice that the potatoes are have not been completely submerged as the glaze is.

Reducing the steam is actually cooking the tops of the potatoes so i'm going to use my cake tester and yeah the these potatoes are super super soft non-resistant so at this point we're going to glaze the potatoes and you'll notice that the the sauce is starting to thicken and i'm.

Gonna use in this case i'm gonna use the pan itself but especially my spatula and just start moving the potatoes around so i'm gonna finish it with the sesame oil and sesame seeds i like to add the sesame oil.

Off of the heat because you don't really want the sesame oil to taste cooked i'm like moving the potatoes around once i've added the oil so that we can really emulsify and get a nice thick glaze there is residual heat on the pan so you don't need to keep it on the stove.

And then we'll plate it up and have some you'll notice there's some extra sauce in the bowl don't be shy with the sauce and there we have it kamjabokum nice firm outside super creamy in the middle you don't need to add any salt when you're cooking this because the soy the soy sauce glaze with a.

Little bit of the fish sauce does all the seasoning you need nice little crunch from the sesame seeds nuttiness from the sesame oil this is i'm gonna eat this whole thing right now thanks for watching and um i'll see you guys soon you


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