Hi guys, hope you’re well. Okay, so i’ve  got a brilliant recipe for christmas   crumble, come on! Now crumble has been a top search  on and you guys are loving it and   of course you know I love a crumble.

This one is  quick, it’s easy, it’s got some brilliant christmasy   hacks. The first hack is i’m going to use a jar of  beautiful cranberry sauce. 100 grams of that gives   you the fruit, the flavour of christmas and the  sugar.

Then we’re going to use a kilo and a half   of apples and pears. Now this is the season for  apples and pears and don’t get the cooking apples   that need more sugar, go for the eating apples and  try and mix the varieties up.

So you can see you’ve   got different colours, different flavours. They’ll  all cook differently but if you mix up the pears   and apples it will taste amazing. The cranberry  sauce gives us that brilliant cheat of sugar   and the flavours of christmas.

So mix up the apples  and pears. I’m going to add another christmasy   ingredient and that’s the clementine. Add in the  fine zest of one clementine and i’ll go in with   the juice as well. So that clementine juice smells  so good! If you wanted to put a little christmas   spice in there, a little nutmeg grated in there or  a little tiny pinch of cinnamon, that’s amazing.

Put   in some christmasy sherry just a nice little lug  like that and then all you have to do is mix it up,   put a lid on and cook that slowly for about 10  minutes until tender and delicious. Let me show   you the crumble topping now, it is so simple.

So in  a traditional sense we’re going to go in with 50   grams of unsalted butter. We’re then going to go  in with a hundred grams of plain flour but then   we go in with 50 grams of flaked almonds.

I’m gonna  go in with 50 grams which is about two tablespoons   of sugar in there as well. So just rub this all  together to make that classic crumble topping.   Here’s a nice little curve ball, grab yourself  one or two or three if you want mince pies and   I’ll literally just crumble it up in my hand and  that is the flavour of christmas, right.

So straight in   there and you can see the texture and the colour  changing, brilliant little cheat and I love that.   So when that’s cooked, I’ll show you how  to put it together. you’re gonna love it.

So the apple and pear and the cranberry, it’s  had about 10 minutes, it smells amazing. I’ll   turn that off now. Get yourself one large or two  nice moulds. I quite like when I do a crumble to   make one for now and one for the freezer or the  fridge, right.

It’s just a nice thing to have around   so you can just whack it in another day, so the  gift that keeps giving. So I’m just going to fill   this bowl with half of this mixture, it smells  so nice! What I love about using eating apples   and the pears, is it doesn’t just completely  fall apart and turn into pulp.

I’m just gonna   spoon this in like that. I’ll take half of this  and just sprinkle this on top. Now I try to put   most of it in the middle and then kind of almost  go a little bit around the outsides and that way   it kind of allows it to breathe and you kind  of get nice little blippy bits here as well.

So   that’s lovely. So that’s one down and then this  second one to go. So I’ll just simply pour that   into there. I freeze these, I put them in the fridge.  You know in two weeks time I want a lovely dessert.

   My family love a crumble, we never get tired of  them, but it’s really lovely to change up the   toppings and of course the fruit combinations.  So there you go, two done, super simple. One for   the freezer, one for the oven.

About half an hour  at 180 degrees celsius which is 350 fahrenheit   and then I’ll serve it up with some custard  and maybe a little bit of ice cream as well, gorgeous. So the crumbles had 30 minutes it’s smelling  amazing and come on look at that come and have   a look.

Golden, sticky gorgeousness. So there you  go, it’s looking amazing, the question is what to   have with it? Ice cream or custard? I think you know  what i’m gonna do. So get yourself a little plate, get yourself a little spoon.

Let’s get in there to  the soul of this beautiful crumble, come on! Look   at that. Hot and steamy apples and pears. For me  the mince pies going in that crumble give it an   amazing texture and flavour, but it’s not too much, it’s not too heavy.

It’s just that little bit of   christmas which I love. Let’s get some ice cream  in the story, classic custard and there you go.   Christmas crumble, custard and ice cream,  let’s get amongst it, come on.

Bit of custard… oh my lord. That reminds me of being a kid,  that reminds me my nan, my mum. In this month   for festivities, get out there, try those little  cheats to make your very own christmas crumble.

   Lots of love guys, happy cooking  and until next time, take care.