– Hi, my name's Audrey. – And I'm Chloe. – And we're 7 years old and today two chefs are gonna be competing to make our dream outer space dish. – [Audrey and Chloe] 3, 2, 1, blast off – [Rie and Alix] Hi! – I'm Rie. – And I'm Alix. I have a question for you.

– What? – If you were going to abirthday party on Mars, what food would you wanna eat? – I would maybe drink a outer space drink. It's purple and has littlepieces of stars in it. Makes you go a little crazy. – Oh! – I'm drawing a Flower Planet. – What do you like to eat?.

– I like to eat donuts. – What are the best flavorson the Flower Planet? – Strawberry. Lavender. – Lavender. Do you likevanilla and chocolate too? – Yeah, I love chocolate and vanilla, but she loves chocolate more. – The picture is very creative so I'm excited to be creative as well. – The next thing I'm gonnadraw is the Ice Cream Planet.

Stars taste delicioussince they make wishes. – [Rie And Alix] Oh! – It's a cookie thathas little stars on it and it's a big star after stars are on. – What does it taste like? – It tastes like a normal cookie but in the middle there will be a filling. – Have you eaten a star before? – No.

– No? – Yes. – Oh, you did? – Are you excited for a space party? – [Audrey and Chloe] Yeah! – How about we wish upona star and then blast off? So… – 3, 2, 1. Blast off! – Woo! Are you ready?.

– I am. Are you? – I've always wanted to go to space, so… – I'm not interested. – Really? They say there'stwo kinds of people. People who wanna go to deep sea, and people who wanna go to deep space. – I don't wanna go either. (Alix laughs) – Gonna take some riskstoday, but you know what?.

We're in space. – Yeah. – So… – We're gonna just have fun. – Always. – Aww! – I draw your cookies back. Yay! Champ is here. – As always, I am so excitedto do this show with Rie.

And to get to cook alongsideher like old times. – I'm going to start with Ice Cream Planet 'cause I need some prep time. – I'm gonna start with Flower Planet. Listen, in this competition,I am not above picnics or food coloring as we know. – Yeah. – These are kids. – Their taste buds is very sensitive.

– Yes. – So they don't like complicated flavor. – I do wonder if I'm at a disadvantage now in this competition because Rie is a mom. – I feel more confidentafter I have a child, but at the same time, my son is the pickiest boy in the world. – I still think of myselfas a child, though, so maybe I can relate tothe judges a little better.

– I'm scooping ice creamand making a sphere. – I'm gonna bake my cake on a sheet tray, just 'cause I want it to bake faster. I need a pretty good volume of cakes, so I'm just gonna make another one and put it right back on here. – I got a bunch of different fruits and I'm gonna start cutting. – Rie has been making things from scratch.

With a lot of natural ingredients. At first I was a little intimidated, but then I rememberedthat the judges are kids, so I know my audience. I'm just gonna try tomake it kind of galaxy-ish by just putting a littleblack, a little blue. Oh! A lot of purple. This looks cool. – It's like a galaxy. – Swirly galaxy. Rie, doyou wanna go to space?.

– I don't. – Why? – I love ours. We have to make sure oursdoesn't fall apart and– – You're right. – We don't need to go. – You should stay. – What do you do in space? – Just chill, you know, vibe.

– You can chill in a beach. You have to drink your own urine. – No you don't. – No. I went to NASA and it's– – Oh, you went to NASA now! (Rie laughs) I wholeheartedly believe in aliens. – I don't need to go out to seek aliens. They can come to me.

– Yeah. – And see me. – I was at the Hollywood Bowl last night and I swear I saw you up front. – She was explaining what happened, but it's just over my head. – My swirly galaxy cake is ready to bake. – I'm using this pineapplefor the galaxy drink. – As you can see, I'm backon another box of cake mix.

– Alix is using a lotof store-bought stuff. I think it is actually a good strategy because kids loved sweet stuff. – This time I'm going toadd a little bit less liquid because I'm going to do a hack where you use cake mixto make cookie dough. This is for the star cookie. – So I'm now cutting mango. – I love mango.

– Do you wanna eat? – Yeah. – Okay. – Remember the good old tasty days– – Yeah! – Where you would feed me all the time? – We sat next to each other. – At first I think you were like, “Oh God, who is this girlsitting next to me? Can I move?”.

(Rie laughs) And then at some pointyou just accepted it. – That's not how I remember, but okay. (Alix laughs) – I have these neon mixedsprinkles. They're little stars. – I remember you are always so fast. – I'll be making a lot of mistakes and I need the extra time. – Once there was a story called”The Tortoise and the Hare.”.

– I just try to work fast because I know there's gonna be a pointwhere I mess something up. So I wanna leave myself extratime for that to happen. – Now I'm going to make star cookie. – I'm gonna be moving onto my Ice Cream Planets. I have these fun CookieCrunch Blue Ice Cream and this one is Mermaid Sparkle Ice Cream. I need it patchier, 'cause the Earth, it's green and blue swirl.

– Oh! I added egg into my butter mixture and I'm gonna sift in flour. – In my mind, this was an amazing idea. In reality, it's fine. (Rie and Alix laugh) – My cookie dough is done, so I'm going to put thisin the refrigerator. – Woosh! – Woah!.

– My cake is baked. – That's so cool! – I'm just gonna starttearing this into pieces. I really wanna go largerthan life with my dish today. So I'm thinking some sort ofgiant cake pop as a planet. Go to space or go home. (Rie laughs) – I'd go home. I am going to make base of Flower Planet.

And I have tofu, I have Mochiko. – Oh! Mochi donna? – Yeah and squeeze some lemon juice. – Rie is pulling out tofu. If we're supposed to beproviding nutritional value to these kids, then I'm going to lose. – I wanna win, but I also don'twant to give too much sugar. – I have this Space Blue Vanilla Frosting. Again, I haven't madea giant cake pop ever.

So this is definitely not going on a stick like a normal cake pop would. But I'm gonna try to maneuversome sort of stand for it. – So can you still call it cake pop? – This is kind of moredifficult than I imagined. It kind of breaks apart. Because this cake pop is so massive, its weight is kind of crushing on itself. – How about using plastic wrap?.

(Alix gasps) Good idea? – But Rie gave me a reallygenius tip to use plastic wrap, which really helps meget that sphere shape. – I'm just kneading my donut dough until everything is smooth. I'm going to rest it in the refrigerator and I'm going to roll out my cookie dough. Just cut out star.

– Can I have some dough? – Yeah, are you gonna eat? – Do you not like cookie dough? – I don't eat cookie dough.I think it's America thing. – You don't eat cookie dough? – No. – It's so good. She has this shooting starcoming out of her drink, so I figured it would becool to do a sugar one.

I was just gonna use a Jolly Rancher and melt it down so itwould fit in the star. We only had a very smallmetal star cookie cutter so I realized that my Jolly Rancher wouldn't quite fit inside it. Rie suggested that I smashit with the rolling pin. (Alix gasps, Rie laughs) Those suckers are hard. Who knew that JollyRanchers were so dangerous?.

Okay, I'm gonna put some ofmy Jolly Rancher shrapnel in here and I just wantedto melt down into its star. – So I'm going to cut outrice paper in a flower shape. This rice paper flower, I saw on TikTok and it looked easy enough. It's very difficult to cut. It's breaking. – Rie is so talented and I'm not used toseeing her make mistakes but she's kind of strugglingwith the rice paper flowers.

I wish I could help you here but I don't know what you're doing. I'm gonna use edible flowersfor this reason. Easy enough. – How about that? Doesit look like flower? – Yeah. – Okay. – It's like a starflower, which is perfect. – Yeah. From here I think Ican kind of trim into a circle. This is becoming a craft, not cooking.

– Now I'm moving onfinally to my mirror glaze. I have my gelatin sheetand they need to bloom I'm gonna add in water, sugarand sweetened condensed milk. And I'm gonna grab my gelatin and squeeze out all of the extra water. Feels like a dead jellyfish. Pop this into my sugarmixture so it can dissolve. Now I'm gonna pour my hot mixture over this broken-up white chocolate,.

And I want it to be hot enough for it to melt thechocolate along with it. Blend up the whitechocolate into my mixture. So the galaxy mirror glaze is something that's really finicky and hard to do. I know that from experience but I just want to go for it today. I think this might work. – I'm gonna make small donuts.

And I'm gonna make two big donuts so I have some safety net. I'm going to make mochifor my Ice Cream Planet. I add Mochiko and sugar and I'm lightly mixing, add water, mix. Now I'm going to microwave this until it becomes sticky and stretchy. – So I've separated my mirror glaze into five different bowls.

And I'm just gonna be coloringthem different variations from black to blue to purple to pink. – My cookie is a little softer and I'm cutting insidewith another star shape. My cookie is out from the oven and I'm going to stuff with gummy bear. My mochi came out from themicrowave. I'm gonna add color. Hope this was a good ideathat's gonna look cute. And be very careful whenyou're making mochi.

– Sticky! – It's so sticky and it's very, very hot. You have to be verycareful. Roll this mochi. You have to use a bunch ofcorn starch, potato starch. You also have to do itwhile it's hot. Wow, look! – That is beautiful. – Yay! Thank you. I have ice cream and I'mgoing to just rub this. – I have my cake planetout. Good as it's gonna get.

My glaze is at temperature. I'm gonna pour each ofthese into the other. This is chaotic. Okay, I'm gonnapour this on. Wish me luck. Choosing to do the galaxy mirror glaze was a big risk I took in this competition. I think that's thequietest I've ever been. Now I'm just gonna pour abunch of white food coloring and I'm just gonna take apaintbrush and kind of flick it. – So I'm just trying to wrapmy mochi around the ice cream,.

But it started melting, soI have to move very quickly and kind of twist on the bottom. So close the bottom andput it on the ice cream. And I'm gonna freeze this again. – I hope it doesn't fall off. Maybe I should transfer it to a plate. (Rie claps) Oh gosh. Okay, it'sgoing in the fridge now. – I'm going to fry this ricepaper. Hope it works. Oh no!.

When I was trying to fry therice paper, it was curling up and it doesn't look like flour at all. The second one, I was also hoping it's gonna keep the shape, but it doesn't. So I think hopefully this isgonna work using two spiders and I'm going to press lightly. – Is it working? – I think. – Oh.

– Yes! Nice. I was ableto make flower shape. – I'm happy with my starcookies. They came out cute. So I'm just gonna takethe inside of the cookie and carefully just putthis marshmallow fluff right in the middle andclean up the star shape. Next thing I made my star Jolly Rancher, and I'm not exactly surehow I'm gonna get this out of the cookie cutter. Unfortunately, I forgotto put any cooking spray.

Or oil on the cookie cutter. We had a heat gun that I was able to use. I've never used one of these before. It's always a great thing to say. Okay, well this heat gunworks really quickly. I also sprayed it with cooking spray to hopefully get it easier to remove. It actually ended up burning the oil. It's not looking great inthere, so that didn't work.

I think what I'm gonna dois heat up my Jolly Ranchers in a sauce pan and loosenthem up until they're liquid. I have to move really quickly. I'm gonna pour it intothe lined cookie cutter and then also just streakit on the baking sheet to create the shootingeffect, like a woosh. And this actually ended up working. Oddly enough, the green Jolly Rancher turned this brown color,but it kind of looks.

Like a gold star, so I'm gonna go with it – Now I'm gonna fry donna.It looks pretty good. I'm just coloring this whiteflower with food coloring. Sprinkle apple, sugar, have a taste. Mhmm! Doesn't have any flavor. I melted white chocolate and coconut oil, added very little food color, and this is the glaze for my donut. My cookie is stuck, so I'llput it back in the oven.

– Is that the gummy bear? – Yeah. – Like a trampoline. – Yeah. That's it. – It works! – It became yellow, but it's kind of cool. It just became verygooey. Goo in a cookie. – Woo! Wow! It's cool. – Yeah, it's like plastic.

I'm not happy with it. – I'm going to use donuts on the plate under my Ice Cream Planet. It's kind of like Saturn rings. We have this cool luster spray so I was gonna kind ofspray them silver and gold. Gold leaf just to be, you know, fancy. – The last thing I have tomake is the galaxy juice. I have pineapple, mango and strawberry.

Put some sugar 'roundthe rim like margarita. – Margarita! – Say when I have adrink, makes you crazy. – Crazy! – I'm giving them what theywant. I'm making milkshake. – My idea for the drink is to make a sort of slushie vibes. I kind of wanted like acolor changing galaxy vibe. So I'm gonna flavor lemonadewith Kool-Aid packets.

– I'm putting pineappleand I put a little bit of food color, mango. I have Ube Ice Cream. – And we blended up someice spoon into my glass. Spray paint this. Woo! – My drink is done. God, maybe I have shake in my teeth. Not sure these cookies are a good idea, so I'm gonna just hideit with other cookies.

– For the flower of my Flower Planet, I got these edible flowersthat I thought are really cute. – I have waffle cone andI have extra flowers. I'm going to put this on top and then I'm going toput my mochi ice cream. – I think I'm gonna plate them both just so they both have a cookie – Filling the blank spacewith some sprinkles. – My shooting star has set.

I'm gonna try to peel this off. Oh, shoot. The shooting star isgiving me a lot of trouble which is a little bit surprising. I thought it'd be one of theeasier elements for my plate but I'm just gonna setit on top of the drink. – Dust off my ice cream. I'm done. How about you? – I'm done. May the best astronaut win.

I'm actually really surprisedthat I was able to pull all of my components off because Iwas winging this total thing. I think the galaxy juice willtaste good, but I'm a little worried that it's kind ofjust melded into one color. Flower Planet I thinkis the star of the show. The mirror glaze setperfectly on the cake pop. Ice Cream Planet is looking pretty good. I really love how I chose tospray paint those donuts gold. I also really like how thestar cookie turned out.

I think it looks a lot likethe picture and I really hope that they like the filling inside. I really hope I win this one. I think it's some of mybest work on the shelf. – Overall, I'm so happy how it turned out. I love my galaxy mochi ice cream. It just looked like a littleplanet, Flower Planet. It looks like blossom alien flowers. The galaxy drink it is perfectly swirled.

It looks like Milky Way.The yellow star cookie. Even I hide it underneaththe little cookie with white chocolate, looks really pretty. I hope I win. – [Audrey And Chloe] We'reready to see the feast. – Oh my gosh. – What? – I recognize the Flower Planet. That's the Ice Cream Planet, Audrey.

– Well, it does not look like our picture. – What, is this oils? – What flavor is this? – A donut! A gold donut. – I wanna eat this all day. – Nice. – Audrey, let's try the star cookie. – I really like this. What is it? – (inaudible) But thecookie tastes amazing.

– It tastes really, really good. – I do not like the filling. – Is that jell-o? – Oh! It's cake! – It's so soft. – Audrey has picked a couplethings that she doesn't like on my plate, so I'm gettinga little bit worried. – I just ate a flower.I like the space color. Audrey, it feels like weshould go crazy right now.

This is already like lemonade. I'm scared you're gonna go crazy. Try it! Try it! – It just tastes like lemonade. For my picture, I did not draw this. – Damn, they are some harsh critics. – I really like the Flower Planet. They did the Flower Planet really well. – Yes!.

– It's literally gold.Oh my God. I'm rich. I'm gonna skip dinner. – I'm skipping dinner. – I hate to say it but Ireally think I got this one. – Oh my goodness, is this plastic? – And this, I do not recognize. – Did I just eat plastic? – Audrey said my flowertastes like plastic. I should have heavily seasoned that.

– I recognize this. That's the Ice Cream Planet. – The Ice Cream Planet. It's not strawberry flavored,but I really like it. It's time to go crazy. It's ice cream! – My mission completed. She wanted crazy drink andI made her crazy dance. – Yeah, the flavor now, I really like it. – Yes. I love the icecream, except the tree part.

– This is the best day of my life. The bread is a little bit too hot. It does not look like my picture, Chloe. I don't really like– – You're going too harsh, Audrey. They were good, but I didn'tlike the whipped creams. I only like the cooking. Wait what? – It has honey on it.

Just sticky. – This is really hard to decide. – So they seem like theyenjoyed Alex dish more, so I'm losing my confidence. – Hi Chloe, hi Audrey. – Good to see you again. – Did you guys enjoy? – Yeah. – Yeah, we really did.

– Did you so much fun, are you crazy? – Yeah! – Did you like the spacedish from chef 1 or chef 2? We're gonna say it on 3… – [Rie and Alix] 2, 1… – [Audrey and Chloe] 2! (Rie squeals) – That's mine! I won! – Listen, I'm always so happy for Rie.

I love her and I am so happythat she won, but damn it! – Congratulations Rie. – Thank you so much! – We have a present for you. Alix. – [Rie and Alix] Oh my God. – Thank you. This is so cute. You wrote a little letter. Honestly, this letter, itfeels like a consolation prize.

It makes it all worth it. Wow, how beautiful, you guys are artists. You have to do one more thing. 3, 2, 1…Blast off! (upbeat music)