I've gota pasta feast with two beautiful salads that you're gonna learn how to do in wayunder half an hour. Orecchiette with purplesprouting broccoli and normal broccoli. Then we got two salads, the first one is a beautiful courgettesalad with chilli and mint. Then we got one of the good old classics, prosciutto and melon,a brilliant combination. First things first, I'm gonna do the pastaand the pasta sauce. I wanna grate some parmesan.

So what I'm gonna dois take that rind off there… I'm gonna show youwhat to do with that in a minute. I've got this parmesan here,I've got my food processor and a fine grater here,and I'm just gonna… literally, it takes 5 seconds. And look how lovely that is. I'm gonna change the blade from the grater to the sort of general processor blade.

And I'm gonna use that to make the sauce. Now the sauce here ismade out of this classic broccoli. Then we've got the sprouting broccolihere, beautiful. I'm just literally gonna take the bareends off of the purple sprouting broccoli, these are like the woodier ends,and these are quite soft and tender. So I'm gonna put these to one side. And then with this sort of classic broccoliall I'm gonna do is use the tip of my knife and just take.

The little sort of flowers off like that. You know,most people would throw that away. I'm gonna create incredible flavourwith this. These will go in a colanderin the pasta water at the last minute. These lovely green ones here, thesewill go in at the last minute as well. And then I'm just gonna putthe broccoli stalks in here. We want that heat there,so I'm gonna crumble up one or two dry chillies into here,a couple of cloves of garlic. I'm gonna use my little garlic crusher.

Nice pinch of salt and pepper just for some basic seasoningand then anchovies. I'm gonna pour the oil from the tin in, with about 4, 5 anchovy fillets. I'm gonna waz it up. Let's get my boilingwater, turn on the gas stove. We've got the base of the sauce done here. Get that on full whack. Olive oil in a panand just put that lovely mix.

What I wanna do with that saucenow is put some water in it so I'm just gonna put a splash in there,literally a wine glass. So let me explainwhat's happening in that pan. For the next 3 to 4 minutes I don't have to worry about itbecause the water's in here, it's gonna soften up, it will be cooked,and then it will start frying again. And then we'll finish the pasta. So another thing, that rind, y'knowin Italy they don't throw this away. It's not particularly edible,but it is salty, and it is a wonderful.

Quality piece of cheese. So they just plop it in the saucelike that and it basically seasons the dish. And then I want to use 4or 5 sprigs of that lovely thyme. So let's get the pasta in, this pastatakes about 12 to 14 minutes to cook. So everything's working there,now I can get on with the salad. Get yourself a nice platter. I'm gonna get about 4 sprigs of minthere, just take the leaves off,.

And then what I'm gonna do is sort ofjust gather it up and then just slice it up. So once I've gone through it like that I'm gonna just sort of,straight in the plate, okay. And mint, one of its very truebest friends is chilli. I'm just gonna remove the stalk like that,split it in half, run the knife down the length. Don't rush. You can use the tip of your knifejust to scrape the seeds out.

Just finely chopthe chilli, just like you did the mint. I'm just gonna add this chilli. So we're gonna season it, a little saltand pepper, and also a little lemon zest. Get one of these fine gratersor a little fine box grater, get yourself a washedlemon and then just zest. And the smell is incredible. Some good olive oil. I've got my lemon juice here. That should be lovely.

Okay. So that's that. I want to show you a couple of things just to kind of get you going a bit. Courgettes. We've got yellow courgette here,I've got the traditional courgette as you probably well know them,and these little baby ones. These little beautiful baby courgettes. If you eat them they got a crunch to them,they're an absolute pleasure,.

You know, to eat with. If you put a little withsome of that dressing it's amazing. So I'm gonna use our lovely little speed peeler here and I'm gonna just shave baby courgettes into our dressing like that. Then we've got the yellow ones. These are much easier to grate.

You get these beautiful ribbons. This is our traditional courgette here. Again,you can really speedily go through this. So just rattle through that. And then basically this saladis pretty much there. Look at these beautiful ribbons here. I won't dress those yet. What I've got here is some bocconcini.

They're beautiful little things. They're so soft and silky. So look, I've got the beautiful crunchyzucchini salad, the dressing and the bocconcini. I'm gonna finish it at the last minuteso the dressing is as best as it can be. The pasta is just over half-cooked,and then I'm gonna put these sprouting broccoliand the regular broccoli into the water. So, lid back on. Now I want to make a refreshingprosciutto, melon and basil salad.

Get yourself some melons first. I've got me galia here and me cantaloupehere. I'm just going to cut it in half to show you the different coloursthat you get, okay? So you've got that lovely kind of rosyorange colour there and the fresh green. There's no right or wrong. Get a spoon. That's going to be the best friendin this little salad. Get the seeds out first just by twiddling.

You know, and pushing out the seeds. Get yourself a nice platterthat you're proud to serve on. Get your spoon and just stuff it into thatmelon just like that, and pull out these little delicate pieces of melon,and you'll get about 5 or 6 out of each half. So there you go. And then the other one, that's whyI like the different colours as well. You don't have to do this but,you know, it's nice to make it beautiful. You don't have to scrape out every lastbit of the melon because what you can do.

Is just squeeze it like that. Okay, so to make this beautiful,the prosciutto when you lay it down, just sort of don't kind of tryand organise it, just let almost gravity, you know, the least work you can dothe better. Just pull it aroundso you can see everything nicely, and then I'm going to dress it. And that'swhat's going to give it the edge. So to dress it, what I want to do is get a pestle and mortarand it takes literally seconds.

Just pick off 12 little basil leavesjust like that with a nice pinch of saltto make it abrasive. Pound it up to a mush. And then I'm just going to in there,I'm going to add a little olive oil. It's hard to see the incredible colours at the moment,but you'll see them in a minute. And just a little bit of that lemon juice from earlier. And then I'm just going to put that overthis beautiful.

Salad, over some of the bitsof prosciutto here as well. And that is what's going to take it to another dimension,that tiny little bit of effort is going to make that classic old saladabsolutely be stomping. I purposefully pick these smallerbasil leaves and then from a height, just sort of positionand click them around. And then a little kind of scrappy drizzleof olive oil on top. And then just that little bit of balsamic vinegarjust makes it work.

That is a beautiful thing. I love it.So I'm gonna put that on the table now. So the first thing done. Let's just get a mug or a jug or something and just nick yourselfa load of that starchy, hot cooking water. We're going to turn the gas off. Let's get our pasta. Let's drain it. If you look in this pan right now,it looks ugly, okay? I'm going to put in some cooking waterand immediately.

It will change colourand go more creamy looking. So I can turn the heat off now. We can go in with this pasta. We go in with some cooking water and a nice handful of that parmesanthat you can just break up in your hand. And just mix it up. But basically that's the 30 minutemeal done. If it is dry add more water,get yourself a nice big platter.

When you do pasta, it's not a fluke. It might be humble and cheap, but you've got to have itsilky and smooth and seasoned. And if you get those things happening,the flavours will pop. When you do grate your parmesan over,it will be absolutely beautiful. Tiny bit of pepper,a little bit of olive oil. Also if you want to putsome lovely flowers in, y'know thyme and stuff on there just to remind peoplewhat the flavours are, you can. That can.

Go to the table. This salad, now all you've got to do now it'sbeen sitting there waiting to be done, just use your fairy fingersand just sort of twinkle your fingers and make it scruffy on purpose,give your food attitude, and then you've gotthese lovely balls of mozzarella. And of course, there's nothing stoppingyou taking a few mint leaves to dress it up. And there you go, two fragrant salads, a.

Beautiful mum and pops pasta,all in under half an hour. Brilliant.


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