So recently I put out a poll on the channel asking all of you what specific 15-minute Meal video you want to see me make and it was pretty much a dead even tie between both Mexican and Thai cuisine and I already brought in some serious backup with my friend Derek for the Tie video but when it comes to Mexican food that is something that I've.

Been practicing and studying and cooking basically since the beginning of my professional cooking Journey many years ago and what I love about Mexican food is that if you're using fresh ingredients at its core it's pretty simple so as my life has gotten so much busier I've been able to just seamlessly adapt to still be able to pump out.

Incredible Mexican dishes so today what I'm going to be doing is showing you a few of my favorite Mexican meals that I continue to turn to when I only have 15 minutes to cook let's make some shrimp oh yeah shrimp one of my favorite proteins for quick dinners and I have been making these garlic shrimp tostadas for a while now.

This garlicy marinade is such a great way to impart an intense amount of flavor and then once you have these delicious shrimp well you can do a lot of things with them and shrimp that's about it today we're gonna be making tostadas so first thing let's make this marinade wet rub ice mix call it whatever you want start off with.

Some coriander seeds the reason I like this is because we can grind it and get the hoarseness that's really nice in the shrimp crucial crucial crucial step make sure your shrimp are extra dry if you want a really nice sear spread them out those babies dry a lot of shrimp come Frozen and are defrosted so they carry a ton of extra moisture which makes this.

Step even more important beautiful let's find the right Bowl yeah that's size I want and underrate the perfect Bowl size you know all right so I'm gonna go in with my coriander super floral kick and then hi garlic and we want a lot of it these are garlic shrimp that's the star ingredient I just want to oh God damn it I just want to.

Pop off the Skins keep them whole by far the easiest way to impart aromatic flavor is with this microplane you see it all the time in these 15 minute meals and like don't crate off your fingers just throw that in there too close we'll get the job done I almost forgot the key steps to all of these 15-Minute Meals preheating your pan and I'm very excited.

To try out this new skillet from great drones that is the Garlic flavor we want boom and then I'll hit it with a little olive oil just helps kind of emulsify this wet rub salt of course and a little bit of Pepper Peppers toast toast toast shrimp tail in the finger that right there is what you're looking for instant flavor blast.

Just a little bit more olive oil in here to protect from sticking we are smoking and ready to go I'm just going to turn it down a little bit and just lay them on there and listen to that glorious sizzle the smells if you could smell this right now when that coriander and garlic just hit the pan they make love basically they make sweet sweet love you.

Know what I'm gonna go on with just half of these and in the meantime you know we are multitasking on 15-Minute Meals so what I'm gonna do is make a pairing for this tostada now you could do salsa creamy sauce I'm gonna make a really just Fresh Light slaw to go on top so I have half a cabbage take off that outer Leaf cut it in half remove the core.

Compost compost and I want this super fine things start to get a little wobbly turn it find the side with the most surface area oh come on come on come on remember that pop that right into a bowl nope too small no I don't like it you know what I'll make this slaw on a plate that's just dumb my god I've never had such issues choosing the right Bowl oh.

There it is in the dishwasher yes thank you I think we're ready to turn these shrimp we'll see how they're doing oh it's a little jar there totally fine flavor let those cook continue on this slaw for a little color and flavor I'm gonna grate some carrot right into there I've got a little bit of cilantro from the garden so I set up rough now this is.

Very very exciting stuff this right here it's actually not a lime it's an unripened lemon that I grew myself now of course I live on the east coast so to grow this lemon I had to bring it in in the winter and I put it out in the summer and it actually produced Some solid fruit this is actually a Meyer lemon so it should be nice and sweet.

Whoa the green outside is throwing me off oh that's so good I wouldn't have done that if it wasn't a Meyer lemon homegrown Citrus in New York this will add color and a little spice cat chop that up real nice and fine okay and once your shrimp are firm now I can use this plate pop those off okay one thing I.

Want to do is just try to get up a little bit of that flavor action I'm actually going to fry some tortillas right in there let's see if we can scrape a little bit of that up oh yeah that's flavor that is Flavor we're gonna keep those crispy bits that's crispy garlicky goodness a little tiny bit more oil I'll lather these up on one side.

Just to soak up that oil and then turn them over to suck up the rest of the oil did I add salt to this no I didn't boom boom that should do it I'm gonna work that in and it's all right to Crunch it up a little bit just break down that cabbage like you're making sauerkraut oh wow these tortillas are puffing up that is pretty cool check this out is that.

Puff I feel like everything just works better when you use a legitimate cast iron skillet like this the results you get are always just a little bit better okay I'm gonna pop the tails off the shrimp I gotta eat some of this crispy goodness just to taste that oh so good wow sprinkle on that crispy garlic coriander and then I'm gonna just rough.

Chop through this I'm just trying to get a nice topping for the tostadas and depending on how many people you're cooking for that could be perfect for a few tostadas and you can save the rest of the shrimp and these are perfectly crispy pop those down here we'll plate it up so one thing I will add is just some fresh avocado to the base since.

These are pretty simple and this to me just creates an instant creamy element since we don't have the time to make a Crema half an avocado perfect for two this might be sacrilege but I'm not salting be avocado because this shrimp has got a nice salty cook especially with those crispy bits finally we dress with this law oh those look fantastic I.

Mean the first goal of a 15-minute meal is always survival can we put food on the table that also tastes good but if you can also impress in 15 minutes then you've really won the game this is Gourmet I mean you serve this to me in a restaurant I'm happy okay okay it's the first thing I'm eating today great way to break a fast.

You can put that marinade on any protein you want these could be tacos this could be a Rice Bowl Super customizable and fresh flavorful and quick so up next we are making a tortilla soup that comes together very quickly with a few fun little hacks you could call them but first we need some base aromatics for this soup so let's.

Take a little trip to the Garden all right for the aromatics for this soup I think I can get everything from these garden beds so let's get to picking first we've got a bunch of peppers right here a few different types those are jalapenos Habaneros don't need those a little too spicy for this soup these are actually some sweet peppers that'll.

Definitely snatch a few of these are all carrots right here it's my first time growing them let's pull and see what we can get always a bit of a surprise okay oh okay that was a solid size right there solid and a little white one I'm gonna rip these off just throw that back in there to decompose this whole patch here is fennel that's doing really.

Well fennel's one of my favorite aromatics for a soup base a little pot probably just take two of these and now there's one more key element to this dish insanely overgrown hatch of tomatoes but when you get up in here it's just like a little magical land of cherry tomato look at me in here just everywhere the birds got them early in.

The season but now I can't even keep up with it and that should do the trick now we can make some soup so I've got my aromatics here I'm gonna start off with these fence and I'm just gonna slice it up nice and thin save this maybe for the top Peppers up next I'll slice around to get the seeds removed and then once all your seeds are removed I'm just gonna.

Slice through them add that to the mix oh yeah this jalapeno for some heat boom carrots pops off and these are organic so no need to peel oh one more thing clove of garlic I'm not sure allergic to garlic I guess add some olive oil to our creative pot get these a tank I'll add some salt right away so that water draws out and we can cook these even faster so.

If you remember the first recipe ever on the 15 minute meal series I use cherry tomatoes and pasta sauce because they are just pre-loaded with flavor I'm gonna use them again but in a different form going in with the air fryer dump them in there oh that one is a little bird though I'm gonna give them a quick spray with some oil roll them around.

High blast we're gonna roast these Tomatoes eight minutes and these are looking great softening up we're not going to get perfectly caramelized aromatics we just don't have the time but we can still build a lot of flavor in just a few minutes back with the mortar and pestle a little bit of cumin seeds very light Crush oh instantaneous.

Aromas right when it hit the oil that was amazing there's just a few more things to prep they call it an ear of corn right shucked and ready to come right off the cob basically taking the general concept of a tortilla soup and adding whatever in season now for these tortillas we're going to use them in two ways I'll take one and just rip it up.

Dump that right up dump that right in start toasting those up a little bit yeah you know what I think it might need another half when this soup gets Blended that will thicken it up and also give it flavor in the other form cut these tortillas right in half and thinly slice them for some Little Tortilla shrimp that will Air fry once those tomatoes.

Are done all right now I can add the corn and then just let all of that continue to cook and our Tomatoes should be done yes yes yes it's called roasty roasty roasted instant tomato soup roasted tomato soup that is oh you son of a so hot kinda felt like there was a chance that would happen Okay so now this should take you know maybe two.

Three minutes spray those hit them with just a little salt and then into the air fryer 380 three minutes now we can add some liquid you can use chicken stock if you want you can add some cream to this if you want I'm adding water still going to be incredible Crank that heat up I'm looking for my good old friend the Emoji the immersion blender yeah.

start blending consistency is up to you I prefer having some texture we can kind of see what the thing is made of you can see the little bits of corn and veggies I like that that looks so good finally we taste holy crap that is good it's insane how much flavor was just built in a matter.

Of like 12 minutes it's just the tiniest bit of salt we'll check on oh my God perfect timing look at this two one yep crispy all right let's plate this up wow perfect consistency chunky and tortilla soup to me it's all about the Fixins on top that's where it really comes together pick some avocado oh food flinging out of my hands like.

Shut up cubes it's like you can spend 15 minutes on a meal and then just do what you can to fancy it up a bit a little bit of this fennel top here Fresh and Easy flavor that's great and then we'll stack high as we can with these and you cannot forget a little bit of that fresh Meyer lemon in this case sightings find me buy me camera this is one of.

Those dishes that's extremely customizable with what you have I mean I try to make most of these dishes with that in mind as long as you're sticking to the general concepts any aromatics any additional flavorings it's gonna work great um wow it's complex so often when I'm.

Cooking a soup I'm focused on building flavor over a long period of time slowly caramelizing aromatic slow cooking stocks and things of that nature but this is refreshing it's so bright because the vegetables are so fresh they're not broken down over a super long cooking period and you've definitely got some leftovers there.

Oh soup oh my goddamn luck so before we get into the next recipe I wanted to quickly introduce a new brand that we just got in the shop which is great Jones which has been an absolute treat to really test out over the last few months now their pots and pans are super high quality and definitely built to last you a lifetime and because they're.

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Level up your home cooking so check it out and we'll get back to the recipes all right so this last one is going to be a bit of a freestyle I do have the general concept of making huevos rancheros but kind of done in a very unique way which I owe credit to Josh my brother for so if you've watched this channel for like over seven years maybe.

You've seen something like this and if not get ready for a fun little trick so I certainly need to grab some eggs right here chickens are hungry but I'm also going to just take a run through the garden and see what's fresh that I can add to this dish this silver lid scares the out of them for some reasons all right it's just the lid I need two.

Eggs and I think that's all I'm gonna get today all right I better make these go to good use this is my Jurassic Park style these zucchinis have been popping you've seen me use them in a lot of videos recently that's a little one but perfect for this recipe I will grab some more Tomatoes since I have them why not make like a quick salsa moving on oh.

Definitely take him slice it oh eggplant I don't want some of this cilantro for the salsa jalapeno we've got a whole little salsa bed here all right I think that right there and do the trick all right a nice little Harvest I'm gonna grab a few more things from the fridge get those tortillas again that's been a theme obviously in every single recipe I.

Want a little bit of cheese sour cream Chipotles in Adobo sauce I think that's it all right let's get this same pan rocking this great Jones griddle pan worked out so well on the first recipe give it another shot I'm gonna chop up these veggies just to get them sauteing off and for a 15 minute meal the key is to just cut things small so it Cooks.

Fast the slices down into just little tiny cubes same thing for the zucchini qbq let's get some olive oil in that pan start frying cooking my friends what you're here for right so there's two main topics Chipotle cream sauce and a salsa and I'm gonna start with the Chipotle cream sauce we'll start off with some sour cream I'm gonna hit that.

With mayo as well Mayo is just a nice balancer for the heaviness of sour cream we've got some of that mayor lemon cut it in half squeeze that in there pop this open yeah yeah there's so much flavor in there I'll just crush up some of those with my hands a little bit of salt that's probably all we need we're really really really really simple.

Chipotle cream sauce it's all about Flavor in a short period of time and that does the trick oh yeah Brown and Browning that's done so now I'm gonna make a call with a cutting board straight up rattle through these Tomatoes you do have some onion over here only much just a little chunk of onion essential though for a good salsa.

We'll go in with that cilantro and then a little bit of that jalapeno so then I might even want to bring in a bigger knife the big boy coming out we'll hit it with lime salt now we can basically create a human food processor you're just chopping it through folding it over so it's even making sure those juices don't run off the board wow there you go.

That's freaking pico de gallo if I've ever seen it I mean I just made cream sauce and Pico in five minutes all right so I'll just pop that into a little serving Bowl get as much of that juices possible all right we've got our flavorings let's bring this together we need to season our veggies just a bit give them one Final Mix push them off to.

The side for now and just let them chill out so you know like an egg in the hole or toad in the hole there's different terms for it so I have no idea if Josh actually created this technique whether he did or didn't it is genius this right here it's got a nice Edge and it's the perfect size boom so get those fry I need a little.

Bit more oil of course so we're gonna pop these in and start frying those off on one side that is phase one just like that tostada from recipe one you want to get that Underside nice and crispy now once that's nice and crispy we'll go in with our egg very gently oh yeah success thank you chickens we'll let those fry up for a little bit oh great on some.

Cheese whatever you have this is some gruyere and if it gets on the outside that's fine because that will get nice and crispy making magic here now when it's crispy on the underside we're gonna let's turn it up a little bit oh okay that one broke a little bit happens oh let's flip these little donut holes and really at this point we're just.

Frying it up on the other side so we get a nice over easy egg or just cook it however you prefer all right I think we're ready lay over those veggies drizzle drizzle Pico wow I gotta owe it to just Mexican Cuisine shout out the ability to get fancy with it and impress not that this is fancy but I've impressed myself today.

It's one of those days All I'm gonna say is Chipotle cream sauce for the win that's fine that is fire the ability to make such incredibly flavor-packed dishes in a short period of time it's just a perfect Cuisine for 15 minute meals we saw how easy it is just makeup that's a wrap three awesome.

Recipes under 15 minutes comment below with what other Cuisines you want to see turned into 15 minutes and I'll see in the next video