For all of you who are familiar with my cooking style you know at this point I am not a huge stickler for authenticity in the kitchen honestly growing up in the U.S all of the best food has immigrated from overseas and somehow morphed into an Americanized version of itself which brings me to my guest today Jim from the Sip and feast YouTube.

Channel actually lives right here in Long Island and his food is the best example of what happens when you mix Italian food culture with New York food culture and a little spoiler alert we are going to be making three incredibly tasty pastas today and in the process I am guessing we will offend or somehow piss off some Italians out there right.

Gym in the House Gym in the House Long Island representative yes yes how long have you been doing YouTube uh I've been doing YouTube for exactly three years where I started I got no traction at all until roughly one year ago so one year ago I only had 19 000 Subs by the time this is published I'll have 500 000 Subs so my past life was I traded stock.

Market Wall Street 14 years from roughly 1999 to 2013 2014 time frame rate time very exciting I did very well early on in my career I was able to buy a house when I was 23 years old lived in Manhattan my computers everything set up at my house for trading I phased out of it a little bit just simply because my kids were born and I didn't like ups and.

Downs I had a food website food blog I wasn't getting much traction I thought that I did have enough knowledge of cooking especially the understanding of like the typical New York Italian food that is very different than Italian food even in Chicago or St Louis it's its own Beast so I felt like let's go with it let's talk about something that I know.

What are we starting off with so the first one that we're going to do is Sally right am I right is that the one we're starting off with okay I'm just making sure my pasta pizzelli is the easiest dish guys you can make it a little bit more difficult if you want or more involved you can do a red version with tomato paste or tomatoes we're just.

Going to do the like kind of the standard one that most people probably will recognize I'm going to do it super basic and it's just it's kind of comfort food you can make this for a couple dollars and you can feed your whole family so the first thing we're going to do is bring a large pot of water to boil heat up a large stainless steel pan or.

Dutch oven keep that to medium heat while that's heating up dice one medium onion the sweet onion and the Sweet Pea combination is really good together in fact I am going to use a half more onion okay this is hot now we're gonna put the oil in It's Gonna coat the bottom and then we'll get the onions right in this is low here we don't need it to be high.

We don't want to put any color on the onions we just want to make them soft so I'm going to do two tablespoons of this sea salt so we're going to use these small shells here these small shells are nice the peas kind of like we'll go inside of it you could even use a medium shell but you just want a small pasta this said eight minutes on the box for.

Al Dente we're gonna cook this only for about three or four minutes we're going to finish this in the Pea and onion mixture and we're doing that for a reason it's going to absorb the flavors of the peas and the onion much more than if we cook this fully a lot of times people won't even half cook it they'll just take the dry pasta straight in and.

Then they'll use water the whole time this is kind of just speeds it up a little bit if you're going to eat this now you want to just do it this way it's the best way so in the four minutes that it takes to cook the pasta we're going to just continue to saute these onions they're going to get nice and sweet let them cook a few more minutes before you.

Put the peas in this is about halfway cooked I'm just going to stick it right there I'm gonna put the peas into the onions because these onions are looking nice and translucent and soft these peas are frozen they've been sitting out for a couple hours so just gonna have to let them get defrosted for a minute before you add this in I'm gonna turn up the.

Heat just a tiny bit more now the onions won't burn at this point a lot of comments will probably if you've had this we'll say my mother my grandmother used the canned peas and that is very very common it's very very expensive and you know that's what people would use you could put a little pepper in now but we're going to put in more later okay so.

I'm gonna take some pasta water to start guys it doesn't have to be an exact amount I'm gonna cook this now at exactly a medium Heat at this point now we can start getting our pasta in now we're gonna bring everything together as it's cooking you need to taste your pasta because you want to cook it just till Al Dente you don't want to overcook.

This this is a block of that pecorino romano and we're going to put on some right now it'll stiffen up a little bit we'll add a little bit more pasta water the noodles are al dente which I like yeah because I'm always pushing like that creamy but this is a little soupy yeah it's soupy and a lot of people like that a lot of people like it completely.

Soup I can imagine this dish evolved as a great dish to everyone in the family like the little kids absolutely like I could see my daughter being really into this because it's refined but it's also really simple this is nice and you can customize it you can add a ton of cheese right now hot red pepper if you want garlic of course which I know a lot of.

People are going to want the garlic it's simple it's really simple it seems like one of those sort of depression style definitely delicious but yeah it just became a thing because it was also good yeah I love this little like soup at the bottom is so nice awesome all right trip to the garden for what is this next pasta dish okay so we're gonna do a.

Spicy creamy veggie pasta with calabrian chili paste okay the one I do has mushrooms but we don't have mushrooms today so we're gonna see what we have see what we have in store you want to pick some fennel and take it home with you I've got a bunch yeah no that would be great I mean I love fennel yeah this needs to be picked it's ready to go so.

This whole thing will come out yeah just go for it oh okay nice awesome thank you things we can get for this next one got some eggplant I also have a few zucchinis we can use both I mean let's use both I think that's a great idea okay okay zucchinis are basically done but I might have like one or two left oh when.

You're gonna need basil too first we'll hit the basil you can take the whole thing gotta go anyway perfect a C1 some of the last zucchini of the season oh all right that's a good harvest need anything else we're good I think this will be fine back to the kitchen all right so we're gonna make a spicy calabrian veggie pasta with a cream.

Sauce people from Italy if you put cream in anything they want to kill you truly how much of your channel is just defending Italian I embrace it you know I don't think anybody from America who's lived here for a long time is going to be an authority on Italian food if you want good Italian food I would go to a website written in Italian and I would.

Use Google Translate a lot of people outside of the New York New Jersey that kind of part of America they are associated with the Olive Garden and then they come here and they go to Carbone you know they go to Via carota but they go to places like that and they're like wow this is not the Olive Garden yeah and you haven't lived.

In Long Island your whole life but you see the Italian of influence I mean it's it's crazy so first we're going to prep the vegetables from the garden I have zucchini here the flowers are great for frying I'm gonna set them off to the side because we're not going to use them in this dish I'm going to chop that zucchini into bite-sized pieces then I'm.

Going to follow that up with chopping the eggplant into bite-sized pieces I'm not peeling the eggplant skin feel free to do it if you like take those veggies pop them in a bowl off to the side and then slice three garlic cloves now we're going to get our water up to a boil and then I'm going to get my stainless steel pan preheated to about medium heat so.

I'm going to use grapeseed oil here because I might need to kick the heat up a little bit more than I normally would and then I'm going to dump in my veggies and I'm going to start sauteing them for about seven to ten minutes to get brown on both sides we need the eggplants to be cooked all the way through right we're getting there so you can see.

Like there's a lot of color on them but the eggplant is still a little hard I just try like this piece right here it's gonna have to give it a couple more minutes in the meantime we can start boiling our pasta because this is a thick pasta right here it's pronounced packery yeah and I never say it right I get a.

Lot of comments for that too I think I did this in a uh in a recent video I said for Cherry machete you don't want to know my Italian accent yeah yeah well that's even worse than mine we're all trying here guys you know all right so I have about a gallon of water here I'm gonna do two maybe three teaspoons I have this fine sea salt here that our.

Pasta in and now that's gonna take around it says 10 to 11 on the bag I'm gonna look at my clock right now and at a minimum I'm gonna start testing at nine minutes because I want to finish it in the sauce for at least a minute once these veggies are finished turn off your pan right now give it 30 seconds put your garlic in there and then I'm.

Putting about two to three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil after my garlic gets nice and golden I'm going to add one to two teaspoons of calabrian chili paste cook that now for about 20 seconds in your garlic oil and then put in half a can of tomato paste you're going to smooth that around fry that paste to remove any metallic taste and.

To caramelize the flavors so after your tomato paste has been frying for a few minutes I want to add one Ladle of pasta water here and then mix everything together to basically form a tomato sauce and then as I'm waiting for my pasta we can add our cream to the tomato paste garlic oil mixture mix it in get it all distributed as best as you can.

And then once it starts bubbling you can back that heat down just keep it low while you're waiting for your pasta all right so here's our consistency you could do a little taste test here that's delicious so spicy from the calabrian I'll be the judge of that Jim just the right amount of yes okay once your pasta is one minute away from Al.

Dente you can take that pasta and add it to your cream sauce and we're going to continue to cook this until the pasta is finished try to get it all coated as best you can if you had a little bit of bigger pan here I would say start flipping it to emulsify it but I'm not going to do that with this all right you want to try it go for it you're like.

Backing away I mean like is there anything better than just like flipping cream stuff that's perfect yeah that's why you know flipping is done for a reason guys perfect yeah you're tasting it I'm just gonna scoop a noodle here salts what do you think a little bit right a little bit so I'm.

Gonna use probably a half a teaspoon of this fine sea salt right here but it might need a little bit more you can throw them in too this is gonna be big wow yeah pasta water right now yep starting to get a little too thick yep thin it out yeah you know I honestly I think we're pretty good here yeah you know so now we.

Rip the basil on off heat tear it at the end just like yeah it really is delicious it's the final thing that the dish needs it does need it okay um why don't we plate this up yep all right go for it all right oh yeah so fresh that's nice just the right amount of heat it's subtle yeah you got to be careful with the brands certain.

Brands are way spicier so they might be adding something else to them so just test it out you know when you get it cream it's not it's a big traditional it's a big No-No in Italy the cooks here in America they know a thing or two too and a lot of restaurants use cream and I I have no problem with it yeah I like it all right Jim so the final pasta yes.

We're gonna do pasta bajole or pasta bazool and it is pasta with beans okay pasta and beans and it's a super simple dish it could be customized to your liking I'm going to show you a pretty basic one though my grandmother and mother make an even more basic one than this first thing we're going to do is prep our ingredients we're going to dice.

One medium onion that's a lot of onion I wonder if I need the whole thing here yeah and then we're going to mince three garlic cloves if they're large like this or five regular sized garlic cloves or use as many as you like and then finally the pancetta I'm just gonna dice it up into small pieces all right so we're going to heat this up to medium heat I'm.

Gonna put two tablespoons of olive oil in the pan and then we're going to get our pancetta in there we're gonna let this cook it's going to take anywhere from like 7 to 12 minutes depending on how high your heat is while that's cooking you're gonna strain it the main element of this dish the beans yeah the beans and so I have three cans right.

Here which is equal to about one bag of beans a bag of beans is one pound grandmas will just use all the liquid here and it gives more starch but I tend to just drain them and we'll do it for the other two cans and we'll just leave these off to the side a couple more minutes some of these really big fatty pieces you know they need to break down.

More all right so the pancetta has rendered enough of its fat you can see there's a lot more liquid which is fat in the pan we're gonna put our onion in now the garlic will come in after if we put them both in at the same time it might burn the garlic this is the better order to do it if you want to put in hot chili flakes you would put them in.

Probably at the same time as the garlic how do you feel about a little bit of this dried chili yeah we can definitely do that so we're gonna cook these onions for about five minutes so you can see the onions are nice and soft put our garlic in and let that go for a couple more minutes this is way too much heat so I'm just going to take a little bit.

Of it just chop it up I don't know the heat level of this so all right so I'm going to put in the beans I have the three cans that we drained I'm gonna put in six cups of water and then I have this little can of tomatoes Just Three Tomatoes I'll try to fish them out here right there that's enough tomato and I'm just gonna break them up a little bit.

With my hands so this is just like a little flavor yeah so we're very close to like a Bianco pasta fazool so we're just putting on a little bit of red here so we want to bring this to a boil also the one last thing I have is Rosemary I'm going to put in one sprig if you don't like Rosemary do not put this in even this little bit will really flavor.

It and I think it's a delicious accompaniment to the pasta fazool my grandmother and mother never used Rosemary and Jim this is straight up I mean it looks like a soup yeah so would you consider this soup or a pasta um so it's it's both some people like it soupy if you mash your beans completely you can make it very thick if you don't mash.

Them at all and you put more liquid it can be very much a soup so I'm going to bring this to a boil and let it boil for five minutes before we move on to the next step and the one last thing that I forgot is a parmigiano reggiano rinds you want to do this you can buy these in the stores guys a lot of places are doing this now I think I because I knew.

You do this in your videos I haven't brought you guys parmesan you got it I didn't know if you would remember yes you got it once you get them though and if you buy a lot of Parmesan cheese freeze them and they will last forever and put them in everything this is a serious boil yeah we're boiling it for five minutes this is just going to speed.

Up the process you can even turn it off at this point which is probably the right thing to do you can use an immersion blender which we have right here or you can just take a wooden spoon and just Mash those beans right into the side of the pot like this see like as you mash them they just turn into mush turn into mush can I go in now go for it.

How much um I wouldn't go overboard okay and I think you're good there yeah I like to have a little bit of texture left like so you actually see some of the beans so now I'm just going to turn my heat back on to medium heat to cook our pasta this is our pasta of choice ditalini or this is dechaco's brand so.

It's called too badi but they're essentially just a really small Pasta Too Betty is an easier way to uh yeah are we going in yeah let's do it all of it yep and now you have six cups of liquid in here and you have the three cans of beans you're gonna have to stir this the whole time and since we're not at a roaring boil here it's going to.

Take a little bit longer to cook Pasta Pasta is going to absorb all the delicious bean garlic rosemary pancetta fat everything we're going to just keep stirring it you're going to have to add liquid most likely once it starts absorbing because you got to keep watching it the whole time once this pasta starts getting bigger you'll see.

It all come together okay so the pasta is done I've been tasting it like every minute so I'm going to turn off the heat here you fish out your parmesan grind and then you can also take out that Rosemary stuff before you serve it here you gotta season this up with salt and pepper to taste oh I imagine you wouldn't see this on many.

Menus no you want it you see actually do see it in delis you'll see you'll see a lot of delis in Long Island definitely in pizzerias but this is like a true Grandma dish yeah for sure this is one of the more interesting because it is like very much in the middle of pasta and soup absolutely and I always like to go like this I mean it looks awesome for.

The thumbnail but like look at how good that looks you know it's just so simple you know yeah you get this sort of umami like kick from the parmesan rice and the pancetta it has a pretty intense depth of flavor throughout you just taste it and you're like there's some tradition yeah I can taste your grandmother's cooking in this.

Pasta dish right now it's such a simple dish I didn't like this dish growing up because my my mother and my grandmother made it so much I like pushed away from it and then I got a place on my own and I'm like I need to make pasta fazool again I can't say I have that feeling with the things my mom made so you like the things or you don't don't like them.

Still haven't come back to them uh but you know that's a different one it's a different story every dish that I have you can taste the history the tradition specifically to you this is an authentic Italian yeah it does it's your Italian your Long Island New York Italian food exactly oh I love it Jim thanks for coming by thanks Mike Long Island.

Represent and uh follow this guy's Channel taste um and uh yeah I'll see in the next video yeah