My caramelized cranberry apple sauce is another recipe I always cook a day in advance it packs a wonderful punch that really lifts the subtle flavor of the turkey it's simple to make and with its deep red vibrant color looks fantastic on the plate the secret behind any good Christmas is in the organization and the preparation anything can get done in.

Advance do it apple and cranberry sauce is a prime example first things first we're gonna make a really nice caramel sugar in at 150 grams of caster sugar to a pan followed by a couple of star anise that helps to really give a nice sort of aniseed flavor to The Cranberries next lightly crushed four.

Cardamom pods this has a lovely warm Spicy Sweet flavor then wait for the sugar to melt and form a caramel really important to have the confidence now to color that caramel so it gets really nice and dark before putting the Cranberries in wow smell of that caramel is amazing now cranberries in.

Crumb is a very tart and acidic but balanced with the sweetness of the caramel and apples they give the sauce a lovely dry sharp note to tell if they're fresh drop them on a hard surface the higher they bounce the fresher they are the secret now is for the caramel to blister the cranberries and really start to break that down.

Smells fantastic next core peel and thinly sliced two apples and once the sauce is finished it really just helps to sort of wake up flavor of the turkey Now The Cranberries are starting to break down Apple in smells fantastic salt and pepper really important really helps to balance.

That tartness against the acidity of the Apple salt and pepper really brings it back the smell is fantastic it's a sort of sweet sour spicy nice now from there delays the pan with a touch of port around the side deglazing dissolves all the lovely.

Sticky caramelized bits of food that are stuck to the pan and incorporates them into the sauce next add the zest of an orange and for another layer of fragrance sweetness squeezing the juice lovely then cook on a low heat for five to ten minutes to thicken but remember the salt will become even thicker once.

It's cooled down now that is the right texture I don't want a runny sauce I want something really nice and thick delicious packed full of flavor perfect if you really want to get ahead this sauce can be made three or four days in advance and kept in the fridge which.

Allows the flavors to develop even more smoked salmon scrambled egg and croissant it's Rich some just an incredibly easy to do first the croissants slice them into rounds and season them lightly with salt and pepper the secret behind a really good breakfast is in the timing on the quesles on first.

Smoke salmon on top and then the scrambled egg put the croissants in a dry pan and toast you don't need oil because the castles have a lot of butter in them this is a great way to transform day old croissants giving them a delicious new life and just start to see them toasted almost listening.

In the pan and that's the butter inside that smell is amazing it almost smells like a sort of caramelized waffle absolutely delicious toast them all around both sides and then out next just get the smoked salmon and sort of twist it and let it fall over the castle.

Let it sit naturally on top of the toasted croissant scrambled eggs eggs into the pan never whip up the eggs beforehand you break down the egg too much what I want is a really nice rich creamy scrambled egg eggs in no seasoning at.

This stage a nice generous knob of butter now from there onto the Heat and all we're going to do now is Stir and stir and stir foreign texture to the eggs it looks rich.

Delicious Sumptuous luxurious to be very careful making scrambled egg all of a sudden it looks runny and within 30 seconds it's cooked working it all the time right after stirring I plastic scraper in there take the pan off the heat and just work around the pan cleaning up all that scrambled egg that's sticking.

To the bottom and now look we're getting that really nice sort of creamy beautiful texture a little touch of butter in there now I'm going to start with the seasoning 30 seconds from the end salt pepper back on to the stove and a tablespoon of cream the cream actually stops the scrambled.

Egg from overcooking cream in and then fold that in there now keep that off the heat but look at it look at that color peaceful and then finally some fresh chives there's a Ramsey classic smoked salmon toasted croissant and a delicious scrambled egg.

We're gonna make an amazing butter and this is sort of the start of the the most important part keeping that bird incredibly moist soft butter a touch of salt and pepper it'll touch up olive oil in there that stops the butter from burning next add the zest of two lemons and.

Their juice this gives the flavor butter a wonderful Citrus thing three cloves of garlic turkey is a very delicate dainty meat and that's why I want the garlic pureed so it sort of disintegrates and flavors a turkey gently without becoming too overpowering then add a generous handful of chopped parsley.

Wow that smells incredibly light give that a good mix turkey's a very very very lean bird and it dries out so so important to make sure that we help it to cook perfectly butter done now prepare the turkey we'll season the bird inside the cavity salt and pepper next half two onions and pop them in as they roast they steam.

Inside the bird giving it a lovely sweetness put in the lemon and a couple of bay leaves for their Bittersweet spicy flavor we're sort of lining the inside of the turkey with these fantastic sort of flavors you can see the bird is upright and it's looking sort of like it's.

Standing to attention now it's time to add the flavored butter just very very carefully open up the skin go through over the back of the breast and keep the skin intact the idea is to gently loosen the skin with your fingers so the butter can be stuffed underneath it now once you've loosened all the skin off the top of the.

Thighs turn the bird around and just go through here again hand up and just release a little bit but don't completely break it because I don't want all that butter to run out right from there now take your butter put it into a ball smells amazing.

Lemony citrusy and just sort of flatten it stick that in there underneath one side now once you've got it in there pull back the skin and just use that to sort of slide all the way down what we want to do now is line the top.

Of the breast with all that butter there that butter is going to keep the turkey breast really seriously moist turn the bird around and finish covering the breasts with the butter turkey's originally came from North America and their best young and plump my favorite breed for Christmas is.

Either Norfolk black or Norfolk bronze both of which have a wonderful gamey taste take the rest of the butter and carefully massage over the breasts legs and wings can do all this the night before and simply cover the turkey with tinfoil and keep it in the fridge ready to be cooked.

On Christmas Day into the tray and it will touch of olive oil now olive oil on top again that protects it gets that skin really nice and crispy and it stops the butter from burning now in the oven at 220 for 10 minutes get really nice and brown quickly in she goes beautiful.

That smells fantastic after 10 minutes take the turkey out of the oven and baste then cover the breasts with smoked streaky bacon what I want to do is add a little bit more flavor I'm already starting to think about my gravy so the bacon protects it stops it from drying out but it's going to start.

To really give my gravy a wonderful base turn down the oven to 180 degrees this five kilogram bird will feed eight people comfortably it needs roasting for two and a half hours or half an hour per kilo basting every so often back in and now she's on the way look at that beautiful.

As pretty as the Christmas tree that smells fantastic wow look at that beautiful that is 90 of your work done there to test the turkey is cooked stick a knife into the bottom of the thigh and if the juices run clear it's done the secret now is to let the turkey rest uncovered for two and a half hours as the meat.

Relaxes it reabsorbs its juices making it succulent and tender plus it'll be easier to carve it might seem like a long time to let it rest but remember the turkey doesn't need to be piping hot because I'm serving it with hot gravy that looks like a million dollars let that rest because the flavor will be 10 times more exciting once it's rested.

The key to pulling all the different elements of your Christmas dinner together on the plate is the gravy my recipe for turkey gravy made with cider and walnuts has a wonderful Appley nutty flavor which beautifully complements the turkey meat and fruity pork stuffing as that turkey is resting I want to make the most amazing gravy.

And when I say amazing I really do mean amazing drain the excess fat from The Roasting tray and put it back on the heat then remove the bacon from the top of the turkey and the roasted onions from the cavity look at them my God they smell amazing finally take out the roasted lemon.

First of all cut up the bacon lovely bacon into the tray there are crispy that is that's the start of our gravy the onion look at it beautiful it doesn't get any better than that chop that up onion and bacon in.

That smells incredible when I first got the chance to cook Christmas lunch for the chefs in Paris they taught me one crucial thing I was only 21 at the time but they made me rest the turkey as long as I cooked it so I cooked it for three hours and I.

Rested it for three hours what a difference incredible next chop up the roasted lemon and add to the tray put in a couple of sprigs of rosemary to give it a lovely aromatic punch and Fry then add three chopped tomatoes which helps to thicken the gravy and give it a lovely fresh taste.

It's time to really get the turkey flavor into the gravy snap off the wing take off all your little trimmings some of these little bits here add that into your gravy these are the bits we never use everyone throws them away off there that little baby there take him off.

I want that bang flavor delicious try that off the smell is incredible next pour in the dry cider this adds a lovely subtle Apple flavor that really lifts the taste of the turkey meat as The Cider starts to reduce pour in the delicious resting juices from the roasted turkey wow there you go the most.

Amazing flavor foreign has reduced by half crush the vegetables and the turkey pieces with a Masher to extract the maximum amount of flavor and basically what's happening now is that we're giving the gravy a little bit of body pour in the chicken stock and reduce.

Again then now a little taste wow let me just close your eyes and wow it oozes flavor and turkey now sieve it back of the ladle to push it through the sieve extracting every last drop of flavor pop in a sprig of rosemary and leave to infuse ready for the finishing touch.

Simply add crushed walnuts to the bottom of the gravy boat and ladle in the hot gravy